Fabio Capello Step Down, What Will Happen to England?

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The News of Fabio Capello resignation from England national football team manager position was very surprising. In fact, there are still many people who do not believe this news and regret it. However, this bad news really happened, and England should be thinking hard to find a replacement for Don Fabio.

The resignation should not have happened if the FA and Capello can establish good communication. As reported, Fabio Capello resigned because of his disappointment with the FA’s decision which dismiss John Terry as captain of the Three Lions due to racism case against Anton Ferdinand.

Does it imply if Fabio Capello supports racism? It seems it is not the problem. Don Fabio will certainly not tolerate any kind of racism. However, the FA’s decision to take decisions unilaterally considered as a form of intervention against his authority as coach of St George Cross. If only the FA want to talk about it first, this bitter news would not happened.

However, now is not the time to find who have to be blamed. The biggest focus is to find a replacement for Fabio Capello as soon as possible, so that the England national football team’s preparations for Euro 2012 is not interrupted. Don Fabio resignation as manager of The Union Jacks is only four months before the tournament was held is clearly a very big problem. The question arises, can the new coach to keep England’s chance in the biggest soccer tournament  in Europe?

FA had been appointing Stuart Pearce as The Three Lions caretaker coach, pending the appointment of permanent coach. For a while, Pearce is considered suitable, because he knows the characteristics of English football. This is not separated from his work as coach of England U-21 team and Great Britain Olympic soccer team. As for the Capello’s replacement, Harry Redknapp is considered as a reasonable figure by some football analysts in England.

However, once again, the impact of Fabio Capello resignation as manager of St. George Cross is not as simple as we imagine. Moreover, Don Fabio’s performance when dealing with the Union Jacks is quite convincing, although it failed miserably in the 2010 World Cup. From the 42 matches that has been lived (since appointed in 2008), Capello has recorded 28 wins, six defeats and eight draws. The victory ratio is even greater than Sir Alf Ramsey who led the England national football team won the World Cup in 1966 (66.7% versus 61.1%). In addition, the Italian also managed to bring the Union Jacks qualify for Euro 2012 with an unbeaten record in group qualifying phase.

Anyone who will become England’s new coach later on, can he lead the players to quickly adapt to his coaching method. Moreover, as Europe’s elite team, the new coach of the Three Lions have a big responsibility to answer the expectations of all English football lovers, that is to win Euro 2012.

Thus, the FA obviously have to think harder and carefully to find a replacement for Fabio Capello if they want to acquire some achievements. The miscalculation will cause a painful consequences, England national football team have to wait more longer to win any tournament title. An irony for a country that claims to be the inventor of the most popular sport around the world.


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