7 Brilliant Health Discoveries on The News Lately

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I have recently read on medicine net that coffee can somehow help people with diabetes II. They say that certain substance in coffee, without sugar, will help prevent deposits in the pancreas that will help with diabetes II. If you drink black coffee without a lot of sugar and cream, it will help digest carbohydrates which are glucose which will in turn lower your glucose level and help with diabetes II.

Grape seeds

I just read on medicine that the extract of grape seeds can also help with head and neck cancer. It killed the cancer cells and leaves the healthy cells alive. Who! This is amazing and imagines what it will do to other cancer cells and it was found not to be poisonous in lab rats.

Oxygen therapy

I recently read that oxygen therapy has an enormous effect on helping reducing cancer cells. It kills off cancer cells or produces an environment where cancer cells can’t thrive and therefore the patients will get less cancer cells. This is a great discovery and many hospitals have this type of treatment available.

Dental care leads to heart problems

I recently read an article where they were stressing that poor dental care will lead to heart problems. Well, this is no surprise since the bacteria from your teeth will get into the bloodstream and then it will go into your cardiovascular system and then you will get an infection inside of your cardiovascular system. It could be endocarditic or any type of infection in your heart. This is why it’s important to clean out your teeth and brush your teeth and floss them daily. This will prevent bacteria infections but also use anti-bacterial mouth wash to help prevent the spread of bacteria.

Bullying lead to overweight depression

Bullying will lead to overweight and depression. This is an obvious one. If people are harass or bullied everyday, they will gain weight and they will get depressed. Of course, they’re not going to be happy. So overweight kids could have problems at home.

Tai chi helps with Parkingsons

I just read on Medicine net that Tai Chi helps with Parkinson’s disease where daily Tai Chi exercise will help improve balances and improve Parkinson’s disease. I think this is true. This will help your nerve cells regain connections and help your balances and motor overall.

Synaptic genes in human better than primates

I read an article on Medicine net that says that human are way smarter than primates and that’s due to synaptic activates that primates have less of during childhood and adulthood. These genes then make human more intelligent than primates. I guess this is why exercising your brain with new actives, reading, learning and being involved will help your mind stay young and working.


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