Why Intimacy is Good For Your Health

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Intimacy can be good for your health. This is not the case in foreign country because they don’t even kiss in public and you get fine for it. People think that it’s sleazy to talk about this topic but it’s just a natural thing that couples do. There is nothing to be ashamed of in the US. I can’t tell you that this is the same thinking in other part of the world. However, intimacy is good for your physical and mental health. Every relationship needs to have it and if it doesn’t, it time to see if you can add it to the equation.

Counts as exercise

Sex counts as exercise if you look at it. You’re moving a lot and you’re using your entire body so it does count as exercise. The more you exercise the better you will be with your health. If you do it five times a week, then you exercise five times a week. It’s just like exercising with yo8ur body but just in bed. I got this from Medicine net.

Oxytocin release

When you’re making love, you get oxytocin release and this is a feel good hormone that will help you feel good and bond relationships. This hormones make you bond with your partner and others. It helps you feel connected. It’s a stress reducing hormones. You also reduce a lot of stress by unwinding and relaxing but also by being intimate.

Good hormones

You get a lot of good hormones that are released at this time. These hormones are good for you and reduces stress, unwinding and reducing stress will help reduce your blood pressure and in turn to good health.


Well, you have to have intimacy in a relationship. You can’t go without it. This help improves your relationship. If you don’t have enough intimacy, it can ruin your relationship.

Cardiovascular health

When you do it often, it counts as exercise for the body and therefore the heart in whole too. If you take half an hour to do it then you get half an hour worth of exercise. If you take an hour to do it, then you get an hour worth of exercise. It’s a physical activity so it does counts as exercise. It will boost your cardiovascular health.

Time with your partners

When you’re in the bedroom, you’re spending time with your partner. This will make you closer and help you build your relationship. It’s better than not spending time with your partner. Every relationship needs a little time out from the crazy world and this is what it does to you.


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