Keeping Children Safe From Crazy Parents

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It seems that everyday there is some sort of children harm on the News here in the US. I feel sorry for these babies, because they’re innocent. No babies deserve this much pain, I sometimes like to look at this topic because I have experienced some of these things myself and they’re no strangers to a lot of other kids either. I think parents failed miserably in this day and age and so I don’t feel good when people are giving too many births when they’re on welfare and have no money.


Divorce usually cause children to live with one parent and have to visit their other parent but they usually get all the anger that goes along with it and they have to put up with bad relationship and their parents dumps everything on them when things go wrong. Yes, divorce is very heavy on children. If you’re divorce, you need to not abuse your children over it and keep them from their other parents and get mad at them for loving their other parent. If your other parent is harmful, you need to keep them away from harm.


If you’re fighting, you need to fight away from children and don’t bring them into the arguments. You need not scare them away. You should not fight in the same room with children and the other person can harm your child. There has been a lot of death with children during arguments between parents.


You can get orders to help you out if you have a lot of problems in your marriage. If yo8u have problems with yo8ur ex-partner, you can get court order to keep them away from children if they’re harmful and get a restraint order against them to keep them away from stalking you.

Assess for danger

You should also assess for danger if your kids are seeing them part time. They could harm your kids just to get back at you. I saw a case where the wife shot three babies that were like under 5 years old to get back at the husband and that is insane and anything like this could happened and they do because I see a lot of it on the news or court so keep your children safe at all time and assess for crazy ex.

Social services

You can call social services if yo8u see family behaving in a way that is harmful for their children. Social services can put them away in a safe home and that is better off than living in a dangerous home. There is help out there for those who really need help.


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