Are You Living With a Crazy Person

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Nowadays, we all have living condition problems. There are tons of us that are having roommates or live with crazy boyfriends that will abuse us one day. There could be crazy husband too. You can tell if you’re living with a crazy person because you will worry about it all day long. The best thing to do is to acknowledge that you live with a crazy person and then find ways to arrange other living method. You can move out and live on your own or move back with you family, anything that will work for you. Here are a few ways to tell if they’re crazy and there is no other way to put it except that they’re crazy.

They control you

If they’re too controlling then they have problems mentally. They tell you what to wear, who to see, where to go and what to do at home. No one can be this controlling of you unless you’re underage. Even then, your parents must give you some space to grow. It’s not a good thing to be living in this kind of house. You need to find way to get out quick before it’s too late. A controlling person has problem with himself.

They harass you

If they harass you then you in any ways then they’re mentally ill too. This could be bullying. If they bully you, it means that they don’t care about you and enjoy harming people. There is that kind of illness out there where they enjoy bullying people. If they hit you, yell at you, throw your things around, then these are harassment and bullying. You should not however confront them because they will only do it some more.

They steal your stuff

If they steal your stuff, then they have stealing problems and they don’t care about you. They’re crazy in some way or that they don’t have enough money or things to be taking your stuff. This is not good from a roommate or patters either. You must find ways to lock up your belonging and move out soon.

They hit you

This is the classic sign that it’s mental illness. No one sane enough would hit someone that they say is special to them. They apologize and then they do it all over again. If they keep doing this then you must move out and move on. You don’t deserve it and you can end up dead if you put up with it.

They verbally abuse you

If they verbally abuse you, you need to tell them to stop and if they don’t then they really want to abuse you then it’s time for you to move on out. Abuse is abuse and you don’t need it or deserve it and you can do better.

They have ocd or other habits problems

If they have ocd or other habits problems, it could be mental illness too. Yes, mental illness of any kind is not acceptable condition for a living partner. You need to move out and find another partner.


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