Fun Places For Kids to Visit in CA

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Your kids will love Disneyland if they’ve never been there before. Disneyland is the place for kids. They will love the entire town here with cartoons characters that they will recognize. There will be rides that they will enjoy, food, and gifts shops, and plenty of photos opportunities. The place is really big so you will have the entire day to explore it.

Six Flag Magic Mountain

This is a fantastic place for kids. They will love it here. Six flag magic mountain is the place for kids. The rides are wild here. If they love adventure then you can take them here. They must be tall enough and old enough or else they can’t get on the rides but they can tour the place. The place is an amazing place for parties or just fun with their friends. It’ off of the 5N. The ticket price around $40 for adults and less for kids but you can get discounts online or group discounts.

Knott’s Berry Farm

This little sweet place is also great for kids. They have rides and towns and Halloween haunt. You can get lost here. It cost around $40 for adults and a little less for kids. They have many different types of food here and plenty of gift shops as well.


You have to take your kids to Hollywood to see the hall of fame. There are plenty of photographs opportunities here. You will see where they have the Academy award and you might run into some filming here too. Hollywood is the place for kid’s fun. They will get a glimpse of the film industry here. You can hop by to Universal Studio and see how they make movies here and tour the historical place.

The beach

You can’t miss the beach when you’re in CA. they have beach everywhere here and they are all lovely. It’s beautiful and they can go surging or swimming here. You can also just tan out with them. It will be a great experience. Huntington beach, Newport Beach, Laguna Niguel, Corona Del Mar, Santa Monica beach or Malibu beach are all wonderful places for kids.


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