What’s Fun in Vietnam

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The Beach

Vietnam is just like Hawaii in that there are many beautiful beaches here. You will love them. They’re mystical and magical. The weather here is like Hawaii, tropical and not too hold or too cold all year round. It’s similar to Florida or Hawaii. You have to bring yourself some bathing suits and indulge yourself with the tropical here. You should also beware that the beaches are not all that sanitary either so don’t drink the water or let too much of it in your body, you can get sick.

Night entertainment

The night entertainment here is the best. There are night clubs and bars everywhere but beware for hookers, there are many there. They might carry diseases and you can get sick. If you like music and dancing, you can find it all here.


The food in Vietnam is the best. They have some of the best chef here. Everyone got to love Viet food. They’re mouth watering but only eat at the restaurants because street food can be contaminated.


You have to shop until you drop here. Everything is cheap here and you will love the merchandise, from jewelry to clothing to everything else. You have to make yourself a special tailor suit too. You can bring a thing or two back to the US for your friends.


The jungle here is lovely. You have to love the animals and forest here. They are still jungle and unique unlike the US. We rarely see a real jungle here in the US. You can visit here but there are safety issues like robbery and being attack by animals so watch out while you’re there.


It’s beautiful here and it has a similar atmosphere like Hawaii. You can’t help but take all the photos here. There was a reason why French want to take us over. You have to make some videos while you’re here.

Cheap hotels

The hotels are very cheap when using the American dollars. It can be as cheap as $10 per night. You will have a wild time in Vietnma for so much less.


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