How to Prevent Diabetic Emergency

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If you’re a diabetic, you can get into a diabetic emergency if you don’t take your medication as prescribed or that you haven’t been monitoring your glucose or watching your diet. You can easily slip into a diabetic emergency and they’re life threatening. If no one is there with you, you can go into an emergency and it will be difficult to rescue you. You might be unconscious and no on can get you help. This is why it’s important that you live with people and go out with people or surround yourself with people so you can get help when you need it. If you’re in the later stage of the disease, it’s imperative that you live with someone and also go out with people so you can get help. You should always carry your purse of medication and food so you can have it with you at all time.

Monitor glucose level

You should monitor your glucose level at all time so that you know what you glucose level is and take your medication accordingly. It could rise after a meal or lower after medication. You would know ho two manage it if you monitor it daily with your meter.

Have medication on hand

You should always carry some medication in your purse just in case you need to use it. You will need to use your medication so why not has it with you. You will never know if you will need while you’re on a trip or on an airplane.

Take your meds

You should take your medication as prescribe, meaning that you should not take a lower amount of dosage or take over the prescribed dosage. You should take exactly what you are prescribed. If you miss it most days, it could worsen your disease.

Eat little sugar food

You should not be eating a lot of sugary food if you’re a diabetic. You can get into a diabetic emergency if you eat too much sugary food.


Exercise will help you lower your sugar level and will help you maintain your health and your diabetes. Light walk, jogging, swimming are all good exercises for diabetics.

Have phone with you

It’s best to carry a cell phone to call for help just in case you need it.


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