Dwi Defense – What to Look For in Qualified Dwi Defense Lawyers

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Open up any phone book or look online and you will find no shortage of lawyers to choose from. You can read through their ads and get a general idea of the qualified DWI defense lawyers you have to choose from for your legal issues. They ads for such lawyers can be confusing and overwhelming though if you don’t know what to look for. The last thing you want is a DWI defense lawyer who has a system for getting your retainer fees, having you plead guilty, and moving on to the next case.

Instead you want to find qualified DWI defense lawyers who can help you with your particular case. Take the time to ask about their certifications and training. Just because they have passed the BAR exam doesn’t make them an expert in the area of DWI cases. There are a variety of memberships they can have that show some specific knowledge in that area.

The National College for DUI Defense requires members to pass both a written and oral exam showing their knowledge in the areas of psychology, criminal procedures relating to DWI, breathalyzer testing procedures, and various DWI defenses. The National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers covers all the major areas of criminal defense law. The best DWI defense lawyers out there belong to these organizations.

While these credentials are beneficial they don’t necessarily make a good DWI defense lawyer. Anyone can take some classes to get certification. Take the time during the initial consultation to find out what the lawyer has to offer you. Make sure you feel like this is someone you can communicate with as they will be working very closely with you.

Take a look at the reputation a DWI defense lawyer has in the courtroom and with other people. It doesn’t hurt of you to be in the court room when they are doing other cases to get an idea of how they operate. You can ask some of the court personnel who they would hire as a DWI defense lawyer but most agencies are asked to refrain from making such endorsements.

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