Best Way to Learing Graphic Design

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I think if someone want to be a good graphic designer she/he first need love with it and he/she have creative. there are many ways to learn graphic designing for example there are many good books in market they can buy it and follow that. Also internet is now a good guide .there are many site this teach very well and also if you have any person who are a graphic designer you can take help from him. every time try to learn from books ,net, website and if some one who have knowdge about it.

Now a days this is a very good career. you not only get a nice job but also you can business and if you want you can works as a free lancer. besides you both do job and free lancing, business and out sourcing. there are many site who get works from freelancer.

Any person and If possible such a good institute .

I suggest when you learning graphic designing try to learn every point though it is small or very simple.
 there are many software now which makes graphic designing very easy but that is not real designer work. creativity makes you unique and different than other that makes you stand out other and for this you need to know the main things of graphic designing.

first you learn adobe Photoshop its make u quite easy to anther program like illustrator, coral draw and when you learn Auto cad then you are called a A class graphic designer.
So try to start from now if you want to make your career as a graphic designer.

you may also know that it is a creative works if you have creativety and and love with this works you can when starting learning you do not understand how time passing it made of passion and when it made it passion then you feel a chalange of diferent kinds for example i told what i did when i learn a little graphics works whenn i go to any where i marked then business card,  logo,bannar etc small types of works and after come back home sit to my computer and then try to make that things also i follow varieties of internet site and follow them i never understand how was the time passing and one day i find me that i can make those types of works which is not similer to any other works that was diferent & unique. i felt such that time a great proud myself. now i understand actually loving and practising makes a man perfect in any works.

without it is a good career and it has enough money thus you can live your life very good easily and there are also freedom of work and it has verity of choise of worksyou can also learn animation, publishing, desktop publishing etc but first you need to makes your piller hard then you can easily choice your path.


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