Does Friends of The Opposite Sex Affect Your Marriage

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   Would you feel comfortable if your mate has too many friends that are the opposite sex?   I know that would be jealous and I would freak out if my mate has too many friends of the opposite sex.  After all marriage indicate that you are a one woman band now and if you spend all of your time with another woman caring for them, it would be a terrible thing for your marriage.  I know I wouldn’t be able to put up with it.  If this is your lifestyle then I would suggest that you be considerate of your mate.   

 I would also assume that you have been arguing about it too. I don’t think any women out there would be able to put up with it.   People can often fight about these sorts of problems and they eventually will divorce over it or they will cheat with their friends.  You will hear this type of cheating all the time. They’re friends first and then they date everyone that they are friends first. Usually men will hide and say that it’s their friends but it’s not just friends. You have to watch out for friends. With my best friend, it seems like any girl that he says is a friend eventually ended up being his girlfriend.

 I suggest that you either hide the friends and don’t show it or that you don’t do it in front of your mate. After all, you are married with vows.   If they see it, you should apologize and don’t hang out with the friends so often.   After all, marriage is nothing like the single life. I hope you are clear about it. Some people married for the wrong reason, so they’re always looking for love and even try to leave their marriage and having a lot of friends is something desirable for them and it help them move on one day. Men or women can be really devious sometimes.

 However, it will become a problem e eventually and you will see it. The best way to handle it is to talk it over and come up with resolution that you will not hang out with your friends as much. You have to put your mate first before anyone else and if you don’t care about them then you should break up with them and be with the friends.


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