What to do When Your Car Overheat

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Everyone will get this situation in their driving life. Your car can get overheat on a long trip and even if your car is brand new. You can get over heat if you don’t have the proper fluid, even if your car is new and new car has nothing to do with coolant. If you don’t rest on your trip, you will also get overheating problems.

Pull over

You should pull over and let it cool down before you open up the hood. It’s hot so opening the hood can get more coolant in your eyes. The smoke is harmful to inhale too. It’s best to pull into a lot or on the side of the street and let it cool down. Once the smoke is gone and it’s cool, don on gloves, goggles and then try to see if the coolant hose came off or if you’re low on coolant or oil, as either one of those can cause your car to overheat. You don’t need to tow it right away if you can fix the problem and most of the time, all you need is some coolant and you’re good to go.

Let it cool down

You should let the car cool down and then put in coolant and seal up your hose if it comes out. If you have an old car, the sealer on the hose is old and it might not be effective. You should buy a new one and it cost about three dollars.

Put in antifreeze

Once your car cool down, and you see that the coolant level is low, you should add in some coolant and then you can drive off if the hose is intact. You should always have an extra bottle in your car, or walk to the nearest store and get one or you can just put in water temporarily until you get home or get to a place where they sell it so a bottle of distilled water is good in your car too.

Pop the hood up

You can pop the hood up to let the hot air out and cool down the car. This will give you some help when you’re ready to drive again. The engine needs to cool down too.

Check for loose hose

The coolant can also come off if the hose is not tight enough. You should inspect all of your hose and make sure that they’re intact. You should also inspect the radiator and make sure that they’re intact.

Check for oil

Low level of oil could also cause your car to overheat or kill off the engine. You should never drive without sufficient amount of oil in your engine.

Tow it

It’s best to tow it if you can’t fix it. You can’t drive your car without coolant, your engine will seize. You might not be able to move your car anyways and it can burn. You should tow it home. If you have insurance, you should be able to tow your car home.


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