How to Reduce Your College Debt

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College can be very costly and some people will owe tons of money after they graduate and they can’t never seem to get it off of their list. It’s important to learn how to plan your finances during college and work to help finance your college so you don’t get to be so broke right afterward. There are plenty of people taking out loan when they don’t really need it. There are some seniors who would take out loan to go to college and owe like over $50k. There is no point of doing that. You don’t have to go to college after your retirement but some folks just like to run up cost. If you have a good job and you want an education to improve your chances of getting a job then it’s important to do so but just to study a major where you can’t find jobs in is just a waste of money and time.

Two years college

It’s better to explore your options at the two years college first because it’s cheaper and give you a chance to know yourself and what you like to study or work later on. You can also get a two years degree for a lot of career that will pay just as much as a four years like nursing, dental, business and all else.

Trade school

Trade school can also offer a less expensive education and will also help you find a decent paying job like cosmetology school, computers, or auto repairs. You should also consider this if you’re on a low budget or looking for a new career quick.

Part time work

You can also do part time work to help out with your college education. Your college will cost a lot so you need to have extra money to live on. You can even work online nowadays if you know how to write or design websites. There are tons of part time work out there to help finance your cost. I can’t imagine a person who would take out loans all the time and not do anything else. You will have a large debt after college.

Know you’re major

You should ask yourself this question early on and know you’re major. If you don’t know what you want to study or work later on, you will waste a lot of time and energy on trying to change majors.

Don’t change major

When you change major, you will lose a lot of money. You should stick to one major.

State college vs. private college

State college is less costly than private Universities. You should consider your state college first before you go into a university. Each state has several state colleges that will be low in cost. You should go there first. It’s just as good and some of the professor from the private colleges would go and teach here.

Freelance learning

You an also do a lot if you learn things on your own. You can create business out of them. Look at all the wealthiest people in the world, who are college drop outs. They don’t have to graduate to make billions, like face book or Microsoft. You can do just as well with your freelance learning.


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