Revamp Of Laptop To Ultrabooks

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It is speculated that laptops would be furnished with even more power. Everything definably falls into line because the year 2012 has many big shots of technology ready to launch their respective products. How does this benefit the laptops? Well these technological ventures are by none other than Microsoft, Intel and likes, so laptops have much to benefit.

Here are some of the major predictions and technologies to look forward for Laptops:-  

1. Transition From Laptop To Ultrabooks – The words to be watched here are sleek, uber cool, light as feather and extreme ease of portability.  Some of the Ultrabook already in market include Acer Aspire S3, Asus Zenbook UX31E, Lenovo IdeaPad U300s and Toshiba Portege Z835. Other makes and brands are being hoped to be out in 2012, itself.
For laptop to be tagged as Ultrabook some enhanced feature are needed. This includes 21mm (0.83 inch) of thickness, approx 7 seconds of resume time from hibernation to keyboard input, a maximum of 5 hours of battery life and most importantly some extra BIOS security features by Intel.    

2. Incredible Touch To Graphics – Sandy Bridge was coded for Intel’s second-generation Core i5 and i7 CPU’s used in the Laptops. It will be succeeded by Ivy Bridge which comes with a slight twitch of 32nm manufacturing process to Intel’s new 22nm tri-gate process. Ivy Bridge supports speed which is the biggest demand of the time. It also utilizes less power, is quick with processes, enhances video accelerations and supports Microsoft’s DirectX 11.

3. Longer Battery Backup –Sandy Bridge being replaced by Ivy Bridge ushers in longer battery life. Ivy Bridge utilizes advance processes which makes economical. Doubling its speed, using less resources, optimizing performance and at the same time using very less battery, automatically translates in increased battery life.  

4. AMD’s Fusion processor – It is being known widely by the name of Trinity. Modifying the Bulldozer architecture and inculcating a integrated graphics power through Trinity deems to be a big launch for AMD.

5. Launch Of Windows 8 – Poised as one of the biggest technological event of the year and big hit among users, Windows OS is getting a big revamp with the new Window 8. Fresh in its look the Window 8 could see many innovations. Anticipated ones include revamp for Task Manager, USB 3.0 format support, “Windows To Go”, customizable Taskbar, new Windows Explorer and track mouse movements with gesture-based passwords are some of the likely changes.

All in all the year 2012 promises to be a year of “great new”.  But if you require a safe and reliable laptop repair using latest technology please visit  

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