Why You Should Not Rush Into Marriage

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It seems that the divorce rate is still at 50% and people can’t seem to stay in a marriage so why are we hurrying to get married. I’m not in a hurry and I think it’s the best thing for me. I have more time for myself and more time to devote to education and my career and family. I have more time to get to know myself and do all the things that I want to do before I lose all of my personal time and freedom. I guess you can’t party that entire wild when you’re married or go to joint with all of your guy’s buddies for drinks. I guess things are different after marriage and soon they will be looking at your caller ID and checking to see who you’re talking to. Yes, they can stalk you and it can get irritating. I guess we all have different personalities but for me, I rather have my freedom and live up my life before I give it up to someone else and usually twill make the marriage a little healthier.

I think people are on the rebounce effect after they’ve been married for awhile, and all of the sudden they will die to be single again. Most men that I know are extremely happy after a divorce, so happy that they’re ready to abandon their wives and kids and they do not want to pay child support even. How could you do that to your child? Yes, some men can be very irresponsible. After all, you created the child. It seems to me that 6 out of 10 early marriages failed. I think we all know why. After awhile of being lock up in a relationship with someone you know for too long, you’re ready to look for excitement and more so if you need to get on with your career life and education. People that are in early marriages did not attend college and did not have a chance to live out their life or career, so they will show it later on, like Freud say, they will regress.

When you marry the first person that you date, you don’t know if you have other people that are better potential for you. You have to at least date around for a year or so to see who you really want to be with, if it’s not too late to come back to them. I think it’s important to date around a little bit before you settle down. Variety is the spice of life. You need to find out your best partner and see if you will really like them. People get bored of each other after awhile, so make sure that you’re married to someone you love so much that you will never get bored again. I think that it’s a mistake to get marry early on and that young guys and girls should take the time for their education, career, and life development before they rush into having kids and getting married because they will most likely break up five years down the road, and be left with tons of baggage.


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