7 Foods That Are Fast Weight Gainers

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Carbohydrate is the number one weight gainer food. We all tend to hear this on the media and read it online and hear people talk about it and it’s true. You have heard of the Atkins’ diet and it works because it helps you eliminate a lot of crabs. Carbohydrate food will turn into sugar inside of your body to be used for energy which is a good thing because your brain needs sugar as energy for work. You need carbohydrate but not a lot of it. You can gain weight really fast if you eat a lot of it. Carbohydrates that enter your body might not be use up right away so it will turn into fat cells and therefore you gain fat more over time. This is why it’s best to eat small meals instead of large meals so your body get a chance to break down carbs and don’t let it turn into stored fat cells.


Bread is a carbohydrate food and it’s a fast weight gainer. It’s hard to get rid of it out of your diet; it seems to be there all the time. However, you can substitute it other things that are not bread. Instead of eating toast for the morning, you can eat cereal instead so there is less carbs in it. You should avoid bread as much as possible.


Rice is another carbohydrate food and it’s a fast weight gainer. You can gain a lot of weight over time if you keep on eating rice daily. You should only eat it once in awhile. This is the fastest way to shed pounds. And you don’t need that much rice anyways. You can try to eat protein like chicken or tuna with salads instead to help you lose weight.

Oily food

Oily food is a fast weight gainer because of its fat content so you should not eat a lot of fried food but bake or grill it instead or boil it. This will help with your heart health but will also help you shed pounds.


Anything is that is fried is high in fat and bad for your heart so you should try to avoid cooking this way.

Junk food

Everyone knows by now that junk food, sugary food is a fast weight gainer. You will gain weight really fast if you eat a lot of junk food like candy, ice cream and chocolate. You should not buy a lot of these and try not to eat a lot of them either.

Red meat

Red meat is high in fat because of its saturated fat content. You should avoid eating red meat as much as you can and it’s also a cancer producing food. It has been said that eating a lot of meat can make you cancerous over time because of the things that they inject in animal to make them grow faster can harm you. Instead of eating red meat, you should eat while meat that is healthier like chicken, fish, and seafood.


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