Senopati Pamungkas – Battle of The Famous Sacred Figures 4

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God of Death is another custom of most people. There is an ingrained arrogance. He can not be treated as an ordinary person. Always want to be respected, because they feel most good. Then the blood becomes boiling know there are people who are in a delicious stretcher. Viewed as too trivial to him.
That the names of well known Senamata Karmuka. God of Death does not deny the deity. All people know the name Singasari magnitude. How not, when he was admiral of the war or warlords. Senamata means warlords. While Karmuka means bow because this one is the famous admiral skilled in archery. Only when the ward was, god of Death was a great degree of skill and opponents such as exaggerated.

Jagaddhita was keen to see a slide arrow, he guessed. And see how they talk, it does look familiarity.
Meanwhile, Padmamuka still lying on the ground. Blood spurted from the hard shoulder. Keris Upasara still stuck. Presumably Padmamuka not dare pull that keris. Seeing this incident, Gendhuk Tri feel not the heart. She moved forward to treat.
“Hmmm. About small cuts like this just make noise. Let me here please.
“Tri Gendhuk forward two steps. Pu’un who oversees prepared.
“Come with me,” he said loudly as she grabbed Gendhuk Tri. This time the attack is strong enough Pu’un Gendhuk Tri ruled outrunning. Even if lie like that too, will remain caught. The ten fingers bloom simultaneously.
Like a tiger claw. Tri Gendhuk cut with both hands, just this once she did not move. Directly subject to arrest her wrist and pulled, to be picked up again.

Pembarep a look at this step. However kasep (late). Gendhuk Tri been held, and Pu’un jump away. Wuragil swinging the sword while jumping, trying to block. His sword dipapak (intercepted) blow of by a hard punch.
And oddly enough, the sword Wuragil regardless of hand! Even Pu’un foot grabbed his chest. Wuragil only one way. Somersault upwards.…why should you grieve when bay your friend is an angel…
Jagaddhita nimble leap, and also beautiful. However, Pu’un has jumped first. So the distance between them remains stretched far. Presumably it does not matter right for a white-haired grandmother. If she is determined to pursue, to the ends of the sea will continue to be pursued. If the quarry into a ravine or climbing a mountain, she will continue to follow.

Can up close and to continue the battle. Until one is really helpless. Pu’un this one seems well aware of desperation opponent. So she exert her strength. Running fast, and soon left the pitch. Right at the entrance to gangs forest, suddenly appeared a person who also carry another person on his shoulders. That is jaghana who was holding Wilanda. Both of them seemed shocked by the sudden appearance. The difference, Pu’un was also facing her opponent, then immediately attack. Tiger claw back toward the opponent’s skull. Jaghana a slick bald head as if to exfoliated skin. Jaghana tilted his head slightly, and his teeth open. This time the tiger claw confronted with this fact as well bite the attractive scenery. A dressed all in black with her hair disheveled, holding a little girl on his shoulders, against a clean shaven who is also carrying an old man.

At first glance like an old man who was joking. Only if the note is correct, there is a tension that bite. The little girl who was draped Pu’un even seem amused smile, her eyes vacant.
Consciousness has been lost. Earlier in the grip, Pu’un as well as cast a spell with rubbed her face Gendhuk Tri. The cash as bewitched.
That’s why he was laughing at the strange panggulan (carrying a shoulder) Pu’un. While Wilanda could not move much because of the toxins in his body still felt. If the power in and help him not done soon, the fate Wilada no different of the choice soldiers. Died instantly.


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