Google And Yahoo Protected From The Negative Sites of The Internet

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Regional Director of Public Policy Yahoo! Asia Pacific, Kuek Yu Chuang explained that they had been the focus of the company’s vision in providing benefits for its users. One of the things it does is make the software (software) that can provide global security for users of the negative sites.

“For online security, we have Yahoo! Safely,” Chuang said in a Healthy and Safe Internet Seminar in Jakarta, Monday (02/06/2012).

Yahoo! has launched Yahoo! Safely feature in December 2010 in 26 countries in 14 languages. Users can access the software through / Safely.
Through these devices, users can find out about online safety, covering topics such as organizing digital reputation and learn how to reduce the risk of mobile devices. In addition, there is content from renowned security experts in the world.

To socialize it, Yahoo! has organized the Yahoo! Open World program that involved 25,000 young people in 20 cities, 40 schools and for a full month in introducing the program.
The hope, young children are also more understanding of security to the Internet as long as these are common cases of fraud, kidnapping or other negative things on the internet.
Here are five tips to the Internet safe from Yahoo:
1. Think first before posting
Avoid pornographic content in your posts. If it spreads, then the user will be able to sanction violation of Information Act and Electronic Transactions (ITE).

2. Take action and report any crimes
If you know the negative cases in the virtual world can then complain to the website directly, government authorities and officials that the case be resolved.

3. If you do not know, do not respond
Do not accept phone calls from other parties. Also do not believe and easy to respond to a disturbing message from an unknown source or intention of harassing others.

4. Talking with family
Do not touch with a stranger via text or video conversation. Always talking about problems that occur in the virtual world of their parents or family

5. Just talking with friends who you know personally and do not record a video or photograph of another person in an embarrassing situation.
Google also has a feature similar to Yahoo, but users can set up or settings manually on each computer.
“To filter the Internet, Google has a Safe Search,” said Indonesia Country Consultant Google Southeast Asia, Henky Prihatna.

Internet users can do the Safe Search by regulating its mode in Google Search page. To enter, users are required to have a Gmail account before.
If you already have a Gmail account, then the user can select the mode of search results, from the “loose” to “tight”. If you chose “strict”, then the search will try to block all existing negative content.

So is the security mode in your YouTube account. Google has provided the setting, especially at the bottom of Google’s home page. Users can activate the “active safety” on the page. So that all adult content or not worth watching for your children will blocked.

Users could also add the address of the negative sites and report to the blocking of Google to do search engine. The same feature has also been imposed on Blogspot accounts that had been used as a user’s personal blog.

“Users can also visit the family’s security center at / familysafety,” he added.
Despite trying to block sites that have negative, Google would not dare to guarantee the effectiveness of software that has been issued.
Users, especially parents and educators must accompany their children while accessing the internet as well as providing useful knowledge about the sites and sites that are not useful to understand his daughter’s son.


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