Why Personal Devlopment Is Parallel to Success

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Personal development is commonly overlooked. In society it appears as though once we hit a certain age, say 21, that we stop maturing spiritually, mentally, emotionally, etc. I once heard it said ,”Work harder on yourself than your business and you will be wildly successful.” Think about when you first started your new job, you might have been a little intimidated by the people who had been there a lot longer than you had. But once you grew, got comfortable and learned how to correctly complete your responsibilities, you actually advanced your personal development. The more you are willing to step outside your box and grow, the bigger impact you will have in your life and with others. Think about someone who you know, it may even be you, who does the same thing day in and day out and has the most stubborn mindset of anyone you have ever met. They never really go anywhere and stay the same. That is a classic case of someone not putting a priority on personal development.

Why Personal Development Is Crucial To Your Success:

By the time I was 27 I realized that my life was not going where I wanted it to go. I realized I needed more skill and knowledge to get to where I wanted to be. I began listening, reading, watching and attending events on spiritual and personal development. I needed to grow myself so I could grow my bank account. I was dismissing the fact that personal development has every bit of reliance on our bank account. I realized that life wasn’t going to change all by itself. God gave me discernement, a brain and talents, that if grommed, could lead me to the path of success. I don’t care about money, I care about money buying back my time to be with my family, serve where needed in the community, bless others and live a life of true freedom. I am always pushing myself to get out there and try to accomplish the “thing” that once looked impossible.

My Personal Development Story

One of the first marketing strategies I started using for my home based business was video marketing. My mentor told me to create a video with some guidelines.. I was terrified and you can tell just by watching it how uncomfortable I was. But I put behind me the fact that I had no clue what I was doing, I still had pregnancy weight to lose and I was so uncomfortable. My desire for results was bigger than my fears of uncertainty. It dawned on me that in my videos today, I am more confident, relaxed and knowledgeable. Those skills only came through repitition, over and over again of making videos and learning new things to share with the world. In order to groom our own personal development, we must step out in faith. So as you watch these videos that I am going to share with you, think about where you want to grow in your own life and how you can take action and make it happen! Repetition and getting better at what you do will propel you to greater things in life.

If you are not reaching for a new limit in your life, you will become stagnent and never really grow. I am always trying to challenge myself in many different areas in my life.


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