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One way to take your package holiday is for an “all inclusive” holiday. What this means to you is that many of the things you’ll need on holiday – such as food and drink – are all included in the price of the holiday. What I’m going to cover here is 5 good reasons to take an all inclusive package holiday next time you go away.

1) Food included

Reason number one to pick an all inclusive holiday is that all your food and drink is included in the price of your holiday. This normally means you get served three meals a day: breakfast, lunch and dinner – most of the time the meals are served buffet-style. What this means to you is that you can pick exactly what you want for your meal, very handy especially when you’ve got children in tow. Between meals, snacks and drinks are provided free of charge too. Again, this is very handy when holidaying with children, as they are inclined to be hungry again about 5 minutes after finishing their meal.

2) Children’s Clubs

This is one for the families going on holiday. Pick an all-inclusive holiday with a children’s club, and the cost is, as you’d expect, all included in the price of your holiday. Kid’s clubs are great for everybody – the children get to meet up with new friends. And you get to spend a little while on a sun lounger taking in the sun.

3) Facilities and entertainment included

Lots of sports and entertainment are included in the price of your holiday. Each hotel is different, and will offer different activities, but expect football, volleyball and table tennis to be the type of activities included in the price. You’ll probably find entertainment going on throughout the day, with aqua-aerobics, and games being on the menu for you to try.

4) Holiday reps

You’ll have a representative for the holiday company on hand, and although you’ll probably go through your holiday without needing to speak to the rep – it’s always nice knowing that you can speak to someone should you have any problems during your stay.

5) Easy to budget

Last (but certainly not least) is the budgeting of your holiday. An all inclusive holiday makes things much easier to budget. You pay for your holiday, and that’s it. All meals, drinks and entertainment are included. Whereas should you not go all inclusive, all your food and drinks will have to be paid for individually – how much will that cost? Well, that’s anyone’s guess. Go all inclusive and you’ll know how much money you’ll have left at the end.


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