Green Screen Photography And Lighting Techniques

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Green Screen Photography is mainly about a technique in which the background image of a photo/video is replaced by another image digitally. The technique is named so, because the green color is usually utilized as a backdrop. The main reason for using green background is that digital cameras have image sensors that are more fragile to green color than other ones. It is a sophisticated technique for creating impressive and attractive photos. It is widely used in action, horror and science-fiction flicks that need numerous effects to present an illusion of taking us to the time and place where the story works.

Now-a-days, you can get many photo or video-editing software tools intended for making remarkable pictures. Some tools may also offer several green screen background pictures. The photographer can substitute green / blue background with other background pictures using these tools. Green screen technique is really for the camera men, because they need not bother about the background. The screen is itself a background and camera men can play with any designs and colors on the screen. Great flexibility is available with the camera men or photographers to show their creativeness in producing attractive backgrounds.

Role of Light in Green Screen Photography

A photographer can play with shadow and light to create attention-grabbing photos or images. There are different kinds of lighting effects that can be applied by him. Let us discuss those effects:

Back Lighting – This lighting is utilized for illuminating the subject’s background. It reduces the shadow and averts shadow regions from falling on the subject.

Side Lighting – In this type of lighting effect, the side portion of an individual is illuminated to avert the shadows. A photographer should ensure that no shadow fall on the side region of that individual.

Soft Effect – This effect can be applied by diffusing the light. It is done during modeling sessions, when there is a need to show a soft image of the model.

Since green screen photography has many advantages and uses, it is well accepted by professional photographers and film makers. The technique is applied in still photography & portrait photography also. It can be used in lecture room distribution of technical information; while photography hobbyists may use it for experimenting with their creativity.

There are some heavy factors that should be taken care in green screen technique,and the most crucial are quality cameras and accurate lighting.


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