Reasons to Choose a Villa Over a Hotel

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One thing to remember about the island of Bali in Indonesia is that it is heaven on earth with its beautiful scenery, luxurious accommodations, deep blue waters, white sandy beaches, majestic mountains, lush tropical atmosphere and relaxing and serene conditions. When contemplating where you might stay upon your visit to Bali, one thing to know is that luxury villas are more accessible and more affordable than you might realize.

If you are doing some research on places to stay in Bali, do not let the internet search engines fool you with the marketing of hotel chains. Instead, consider staying at a villa and you will be surprised about the numerous options available. It is for these amazing, luxurious private villas in Bali that this is becoming an increasingly popular tourist attraction, many of which are so beautifully designed that they are stunningly jaw dropping.

When you think of a villa, do not think of a wooden hut but also do not think either of something that is ridiculously expensive when compared to a resort or hotel. When you take into account the luxury and affordability of a five star resort, the private Bali villas are actually very budget friendly in comparison. Even though the high class resorts offer top notch amenities, you will find that Bali’s villas also offer similar accommodations but with one added benefit – privacy!

From a private villa in Bali, you can expect to have the following:
– Your own private entrance and area
– A private pool only for you and your party
– A private kitchen (often staff chefs will come and cook for you in your villa!)
– Your own butler
– Customizable preferences

There are numerous luxury villas scattered throughout the island of Bali that are quite impressive and are more exclusive than hotels or resorts. Believe it or not, staying in a villa can be equivalent in price to staying at a resort or maybe even cost less.

Some recommended villas that are quite affordable ranging from $150 to $200 (USD) per night include the following: Villa Baja, the Tegal Sari Villas and Villa Gils.

Villa Baja, in the region southern region near Bukit, offers privacy and decor inspired by Javanese antiques. It also has an amazing view of the Jimbaran Bay. Their villas accommodate up to eight people and costs $200 USD per night.

Another option is the Tegal Sari Villas, surrounding by rice fields in the center of Ubud, which is a village in Bali that is rich in culture. They boast modern interiors paired with natural beauty and complete with a swimming pool. These private villas cost $250 USD for four people. However, if you are traveling just in a pair, you can get a villa with a pool for $150 USD per night or one without the pool for $100 USD. The last example we will mention is Candidasa’s Villa Gils which offer open space villas that have three bedrooms to accommodate six guests. The kitchen and living area is in its own pavilion that is partially open and overlooking the swimming pool. You would think this would cost a forune, however to house six people for one night, it is only $195 USD.

These are the main reasons that show why villas start to appeal beyond hotels. The amenities are amazing, they are luxurious, they are private and exclusive, they offer the utmost in service and they are the greatest way to remember the best vacation of your life. When visiting Bali, isn’t that what you’d expect out of a dream destination?


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