Senopati Pamungkas – Battle of The Famous Sacred Figures 2

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“Children’s inexperienced, you know what about Eyang Sepuh? Who is willing to listen to an incompetent’re talking about?”
“Wuragil it should not have been born in the world, if only for what Mount Semeru littering?”
Wuragil raised his hand, Pembarep shook his head. In a huff, Wuragil waste energy to the side. Tree where Upasara shelter sohard rocking. The leaves are falling. Upasara forced to sag down.
“Since when Eyang Sepuh not receive guests?”
“Nothing is sure. But it is kind of old.”
“Do Eyang Sepuh go along with guests from Overseas?”
“Who knows? Who knows Eyang Sepuh went with Guests from Overseas, or not? Who knew guests would come across itor not? Why are you all this question? What’s so special Guests from Overseas, so you all flock to this quiet place ? I thought youh ad known the knights and warriors. not know as well as children who are easily deceived.
Useless big names all of you. ”

Tri Gendhuk just shut his mouth, there was a high horse whinny.
Suro Senopati gebrak floated and once he tried to round up the little girl’s body.
The distance between Senopati Suro and Gendhuk Tri away pretty good. Could not be reached with a single leap. But Senopati Suro borrow a black horse power.

By itself enough to grab the Tri Gendhuk. Moreover, the way is to launch the body as if sleeping. And once the grip, it would be difficult to be released. Even if the ward, he would have engaged in combat over short distances, because Senopati Suro was in front of him. If avoidance is also facing the same thing. Because it is so moving Senopati Suro, Senopati Joyo, Senopati Lebur, already locked. While Senopati Pangastuti is poised to advance to the place where the need for assistance.

Three wandering Mount Semeru issued a call on hold. They are arguably good in a matter of marching, in a joint. However, given the alacrity and speed of motion, it was the officers Kingdom of Singasari,  there would be less agile. However, if viewed from the beginning was, as there is no special preparation.
In fact it seems, Senopati Suro is the main leader, while others such as the common soldier. But in an instant, the leader or led into one.

If Gendhuk Tri has a higher science, it is still difficult to break its hold.
In an instant there some major changes. Gendhuk tri in a strange way to escape. Called a strange way, because Gendhuk Tri suddenly thrown herself into the ground, rolled up like a baby still in the womb. Including the size of his body is short, let alone dropped instantly. Not to humble hersel for sit, but lay completely. Stance where there is a way to avoid this?

Concurrent with the movement it was, a body charged into the middle, Easy considered because the figure was tall, large, and all black clothes. With rigid motion, but his body movements to show strength, he was directly attacking the direction Senopati Suro, Senopati Joyo immediately greeted from the left. In his hand a short saber, while Senopati Lebur swinging his cudgel.
As if he really wanted to smash destroyed. No warning, a man dressed in black was not trying to dodge, no parry. He went away. Because it is not intended to kill, Senopati Joyo reduced strength. He just wanted to just hurt the skin.  And Senopati Lebur also divert swing his cudgel.

Upasara yelped at his hideout. As the palace, Upasara understands the strengths of each officer. With its flagship weapons, including Senopati Joyo’s outstanding. Hence, although not to die horribly, the resulting injuries would not be taken lightly. But the magic. When the saber was touching the arm, like a pound of iron. It’s tough. Senopati Joyo surprised. But it was too late. The man dressed in black had been wandering to the front, directly lifted Gendhuk Tri, tucked the right waist, and passed.


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