Senopati Pamungkas – Battle of The Famous Sacred Figures 1

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“It’s still dirty old. Really, do not deserve to die, did not deserve to live.” Wuragil deliberately withdrew his hand.

Plak. Plak.

Once the two clashing arms. The second plaque is astonishing. Wuragil slapped cheek! No sense. How can a hero be slapped in one gebrak? Where else would a child his opponent? In one gebrak in front of many first-class figures.


This time is really unlucky for Wuragil. ‘ve Got gampar (smack) was spat again.
The second is also no time to escape. So it got wet clothes.
“Aha, fragrant smell it?” Ridicule is also more painful. Kakang Mbarep and Panengah who had been watching in silence, jumped forward and put up the horses. Trisula row. But clearly, they themselves become kagok (reluctantly). Nevertheless have a little trouble when three gang up on a child. Attack so ashamed, can survive continuous diperolok (mock).
“Come on, I want you jajal (try) line. Trisula are you proud of that kind of place. What is enough to scratch his back or not. If it can not, you should come down from Mount Semeru. Littering the place. Use your line to meluku (plow) fields rice.

“Come on, do not make me slap you one by one.
“Great and hot girl’s sentence. Judging from his age, only about ten years. No amount of experience, must still be able to recognize three outstanding rover. Moreover, recognizing the Barisan Trisula. And poke fun at the same time as the line to scratch his back or plow the fields. It at that time there is a tool used to scratch that itch back. Usually used by the nobility. Made of horn. Ends toothed like a comb.

Then simply outrageous likens the tool rake back. Just not funny by assuming as a means to reverse the plow as the plow soil. If Upasara astonishment, another candidate who is more observant could see that little girl is not very high intelligence. After all it’s age it can not match energy Wuragil. That was bold clashing hand is another matter. Merely a matter of courage. That little girl is not moaning or showing pain, it is also due to be recalcitrant. And about a slap on the cheek, because Wuragil did not take into account that after clashing hand, the snot-nosed little girl still continue their attacks. Now if there was a duel truth, might be a little girl sungsang-sumbel (toys).

But the basis of the girl still did not know it sky high seas, she was  challenged to take it easy. See who is being challenged in silence, the little girl bercekakakan laugh (out loud).
“If only three mountain versatility just like this, why look for a host? Eyang Sepuh not need to see yourself. With this knee capital, how to welcome guests from Overseas? Better for you quickly return home in the mountains of corn planting.”

“Little brother, I’m sorry ….” Kakang voice still sounds Pembarep Mbarep or describe patience. “We did not appropriate and applicable to the brash little sister. We want sowan (visit) Eyang Sepuh , there he is willing to accept us?”
“Little Sister, Little Sister! So I do not have a name?”
“I’m sorry, what was the name Little Brother?”
“Jagattri my name. Well, good call.”
“Good, Jagattri ….”
“The hell you call that. So I was as old as all of you.
Tri Gendhuk call me. “
“Gendhuk Tri …,” his voice remained calm. Even sound familiar. Gendhuk designation, little girl, is a familiar name.
“Good. What would you ask, Pembarep? You’re going to change the way call. I will answer honestly. Did you ask whether Eyang Sepuh willing to accept you or not. What if the answer is going?”
“We will sowan (visit)?”
“If you do not want to say?”
“We will soon be out of here.”
“It’s useless to you guys got a good title. Apparently there is value of this mountain man. I will answer honestly. Eyang Sepuh can not accept all of you. Also can not accept anyone. Please lift your legs as you promise.”


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