Senopati Pamungkas – Battle of The Famous Sacred Figures

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Actually Upasara not be disappointed with himself. Encountered the opposite can be said is a high-class hero. The god of Death with Padmamuka for example, is a famous hero. Not a name at random. Especially now once entered, he was at university that has the effect of clouds is so large.

However, predictable, Upasara not satisfied.
On the contrary very irritated. Still felt hot blood rippled.
Hence, while the others use the opportunity to rest and meditate, Upasara look around.
Find a dead horse stiff. Again, Death god poison victims.
If a few moments ago he witnessed his own horse was running helter-skelter crashing branches and twigs without care, now dead dry. The horse’s eyes widened, her body rigid spasm. Out of his mouth like a whinny that is not finished. And there is no saliva to melt that’s why Upasara call as dead dry.
Walking a few more acts, suddenly hearing voices Upasara.

Deftly he jumped into the tree to keep an eye on the situation around. Not so hard to get to the end climb trees without a sound.

Only, when I got on the end of Upasara shocked. He never guessed that in another part of the place of fighting, is now going on something bigger. How could she not know?
Indeed what is seen Upasara enough to make wonder.
In a field that is wide enough, but still surrounded by tall trees, stands the palace of ten officers. On alert with spear and shield. A little way behind them was a leader who ride horses. A sleek blackhorse. At first glance, Upasara can recognize it as Senopati Suro, head of palace troops.

“We came up with is fine. But if you do not want to host a welcome, do not blame us prevailing brash,” Senopati Suro pinch her ​​blackhorse stomach. Which is like an arrow shot to the front bow.
New Upasara can see clearly now. It appeared in the field that there are some groups. In addition to Senopati Suro forces there are also three other groups. One group went ahead arbitrarily to the middle.
“Aha, if the state had to intervene, is going to be crowded affairs. Bustling once.

“I came here ngemban dawuh (command), carry the word of the king, no time to play around. Sorry, we can move on to other opportunities.

“We are not not familiar with Mount Semeru Three wanderers and Gentlemen. We is not no itch to try out the big names, but now is not the time.”
The man known as a member of Mount Semeru rover Three hearty laugh.
“Who be served? Who’m playing? I’m just saying if you want to meet with the host, please use the correct rules. We came first.
Is not it? “
The question is whether it is addressed to anyone. Since no one answered and no one reacted.

In the tree, Upasara feel glory. He knew of Wilanda about arts world figures. Three wandering Mount Semeru, including the respected. Especially, if all three together form The Barisan Trisula forward. They consisted of three people who always go together. in fact, according to some sources are still three siblings. Their names are not too difficult, because it is a fraternal order. That is the eldest Kakang Mbarep, Panengah the second, and most hot-tempered nature Wuragil. 

But like the other warriors, although his name had beenwandering, they have since the last five years there was no news story. Because the focus on Mount Semeru. May be said, though all three including the hero, but as more struggling with himself, his influence was so pronounced. Even in this last period of virtually no one was talking anymore.

“If the parents do not know the rules, when else can die in peace?”
This is a surprise. If a candidate who says it still makes sense. But once this is all made ​​surprise present. Because the saying is a boy who still snot. Snot smells really, because at the bottom of the nose visible dirt. Her clothes were too dirty. If you are not really concerned, he’s rather difficult to distinguish male or female. Fabric that covers kemben(the tank) only partially breast showing her feminine traits.
“Oho, there kuntilanak (female ghost) which let their children hang around like this?” Wuragil sound unfinished, when the little girl waved her hand.

Soft, beautiful, like a dancing. It’s just a quick Wuragil away and went on the offensive. All present some what bercekat (shocked). Not because of anything, but because it was very telengas (Spry) Wuragil Once gebrak (the motion) hands mencowel (flicked) the chest. This is clearly disrespectful.


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