Senopati Pamungkas – University of Cloud 11

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“Young people who have a great future. Many knights that will help people in need. Well grandparent, if it still exists, will feel very happy. Unfortunately, we do not know where Grandmother …unfortunately, a lot of evil and magic. I dibokong (attacked from behind), forced to confess where the guests of the Opposite. And we all do not know where the guests … I never thought at all, two prominent figures in the martial world is so unfair.

Sepuh Grandmother said that helping others, that do good, is a virtue. Something must be done willingly. Not because it was forced by a doctrine. Something ordinary. But it is made ​​into something special Eyang-Special when compared to the fraudulent and despicable. Ah … ” His voice is like holding a deeper pain than rage toxins in the body. His voice is plaintive tenderness.

Upasara see, man seem to exert a lap of the last remaining strength.
“I have to say it all, my brother. When Lord Death had come together Padmamuka, they asked Eyang. Carrying a gift offerings. He said to entertain guests from Overseas. I say what it is that there is no Eyang Sepuh in place, that we do not have guests Across from. I was ambushed at the same time, and before he knew they could have paralyzed me. and said if I did not say where Eyang and where guests from Overseas, I would be poisoned.

Even know, I do not want to open my mouth. But the God of Death forcing me to open my mouth and throw shurikens. Then I put in a sack of bark. They both want to practice the science of fish with a conch couple on their bodies. Then they heard the sound of your battle and I was brought here.
“My brother, do not think about revenge.
“I was lost and died because of my mistake.
“What to do is find Grandmother and continue his teachings. That request. And I will die in peace.
“Ngabehi Pandu …”
Ngabehi Pandu with his face turned cold. Keep it cool.
“Thank you for a favor Ngabehi. Young man, you have great knowledge in your age is still young. I hope …”
Coughing stopped his words.

Stopped for good.

Pandu Ngabehi sighed. Jaghana saluted with the. Then slowly close your eyes seperguruannya, whispering in his ear. And it seems the river stopped flowing.
Only a heavy sigh.

Pandu Ngabehi sighed. Jaghana saluted with the. Then slowly close the eyes of the college’s brother, whispering in his ear. And it seems the river stopped flowing. Only a heavy sigh. More quiet. Quiet that froze. The wind blew back to normal.
As nothing had changed. Like nothing happened. All returned to a state of calm, peaceful. A township-village that can not be named because no one was home-circled high trees, grass higher than the knee.
Upasara not find the changes. Nor does the presence of a member Nirada grave. Because according to the belief Cloud University, those who died were buried without a tombstone identification. Even land on it flattened out as before. Grass and weeds are removed is returned as its original state.
The atmosphere was like before.

Only human beings are different. Wilanda still far from recovered. He was moaning softly. The venom of the river can fish that are released by the god of Death remains tortured. Pandu Ngabehi trying to stop the spread of pain.
But he himself was not a physician. While waiting in the next jaghana. The same quiet rest.
This is the first time Upasara go to the field. Previously he had never left the palace walls. As a young man anymore-flowering bloom, his thirst can not be dammed. Everything like that can bed runk at once.

This experience has been long awaited. Ever since I was a kid, Upasara interested in learning martial arts. Nothing is more attention-consuming than the martial arts. At the age of eight years have not been there, yet there are eight years old. Upasara able Tapa Geni starch. Ascetic life without fire. Being in the dark for forty days
and forty nights. Virtually every day through a variety of restrictions. Upbringing of Pandu Ngabehi performed strongly and the marathon, making it arguably the complete warrior. Since the age of twelve years


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