Remote Control R2D2 Instructions

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Instructions on how to use and how to play the remote control R2D2 which is the new remote control star wars toy.

The remote control R2D2 as you may have known is the R2D2 RC version of the R2D2 figure on the star wars movies. R2D2 is the astromech droid that has wheels or the star wars robot that has wheels with a soda can shape body that always acompany the protagonist. The radio control R2D2 is one star wars R2D2 toy to have and here are some instructions and things to know about your R2D2 remote control.

The R2 D2 remote control has a movable head. While this Head is movable only when you control it using the forward control it is still fun to see a movable head. The light of this remote control R2-D2 lights on and off when the R2D2 speaks and moves and ofcourse the the movement motion of the remote R2D2 that you can control with the controller. This radio controlled R2 D2 needs 5 batteries. 2 on the controller and 3 for the star wars R2D2 droid toy itself.

The controller of the remote control R2D2 is shaped like a star wars light saber. In this controller there is a button for the sounds of this Rc R2D2. The sounds included in this remote control R2D2 are some of the real speaking sounds of this star wars droid seen in movies/ advertisements and in some clips that include this robot.  Aside the button that control the beeps on this R2D2 Rc, the other button on this radio controlled R2D2 is the forward and the reverse spin control. The upper part of this button is the forward and the lower part is the reverse spin. You can go left and right by pressing the reverse spin and wait for the R2D2 remote control star wars toy to spin. Then try and stop in the right moment you want to turn.

The Signal used for the controller is a little bit weak and you can only control your remote R2D2 just a couple of feet away. Do not also play this Rc R2D2 on hard rough surfaces and play with your remote control toy on smooth surfaces. Dropping your star wars R2D2 droid toy might break this toy so be careful.

Here are some instructions and tips on how to play and how to control toy remote control R2D2.


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