ON Line Data Entry Work & Earning Money

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money is very important in life and we all have not extra talent or education or skill but typing is not so hard or tough work if anybody try to learn it seriously he/she can do it very soon. So if you try to do this types of works in your extra time you can do it online job.

Data entry works are not same kinds there are many kinds of variety for example just typing this is or any paper is also date entry, but there are some nice works in online this are following,
you  also remember data entry works are comparatively easy if some one understand you then you can do it easily.

(01) cap ha entry = Commonly $1 or $.50 you can get for 1000 cap ha entry. I hope you know what is cap ha. It is use for any program do not automatically enter a site so the site owner use cap ha recognize to say fill it to proof it is not machine but a human.

(02)Searching =this types of works buyer’s requirement is any specific information gather from search engine like address, name, email, phone number etc collect. They use this information, latter they use for there marketing purpose. 

(03)Data collect from web site = This types of works don’t need any experience. As a provider you search the site and some fixed data which buyer want to fill up in a website page for this you need just copy and paste.

(04)Audio transcription = This data entry works need good knowledge of English. Buyer sent u some audio and you need to listen and writing it.

05)Document conversion = you need for this works PDF file same to same as Microsoft file

(06)Classified ads listing = This types of data entry works classified advertisement making for web site . New new ads plus is the work. Example eBay, Amazon types site get variety types of goods ads and information you need to collect this information and add this information excel or speed sheet file then the goods ads sent to customer by email.

(07) medical transcription = this is one of the hard data entry works because to this you need some extra quality.

Now there are the question how and where you find this kinds of jobs it is not hard to find this types of works you can simply search website. there are many site which this works but be careful all site are not reliable some are fake so first confirm about this company to join data entry job. best of luck


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