Samsung Star 3 Deals-Releasing in March 2012

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Consumers in the United Kingdom, do you remember the Star series of Samsung? Well, we bet you do as this series is somewhat connected with every budget-buyer in the country. It was very successful, and also enjoyed a great deal of respect from mobile critics, and even now we are seeing one more handset from the South Korean mobile phone manufacturer. However, the South Korean mobile phone maker is somewhat trying to fool the tech buff community. You may be feeling confused by now, however we will like you to understand that we are not against this handset.

Samsung Tocco branding is even now enjoying fairly great status in the United Kingdom mobile phone market & the South Korean mobile phone maker is doing all they can. This is done to get every probable penny out of the Tocco brand. The reputed firm has recently showed the Samsung Tocco Lite 2 for the feature phone category, and it’s for the United Kingdom market that is the proof that Samsung wants to cash in the repute of the Tocco brand.

The Tocco Lite 2 is essentially a rebranded Samsung Star 3, and now you know why we are feeling disappointed on seeing this handset. See, we always look for something unique in our handset and here it is not present. This astonishing device comes featuring a decent 3-inch QVGA LCD, which could be considered great for the feature phones. Interestingly, a 3.2 MP fixed focus snapper is also provided and hence the label of a rebranded Star3 is now justified.  This mesmerizing handset comes fitting in a sleek 102 x 58 x 11.5 mm layout, which somehow maintains the dignity of the Samsung brand. We don’t want to be harsh but we are accustomed to smartphones and such low-specs fail to excite us. It also has Wi-Fi b/g/n support, which is great news for heavy internet users. It’s a feature phone, so we have the TouchWiz-powered handset in our hand.

The Samsung Tocco Lite 2/Star 3 grants only 20MB of integrated memory space, however the microSD card slot allows users what would just love. The Samsung Star 3 deals will certainly be accessible across a variety of the United Kingdom’s main network operators & sellers from the beginning of March 2012, which is great news for us. There’s tad info about its cost, however we can bet that this device will not cost too very much.

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Samsung Star 3 and Samsung Tocco 2 are basically similar handsets, with somewhat different branding. however, there is one challenger to their popularity and that are cheap iPhones.


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