Send Wedding Invitations in Puzzle Form

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Marriage is a highly important event in every individual’s life; hence, everyone wishes to plan and arrange it in a unique style. If you manage to stand out in your marriage arrangements, it is quite likely that your marriage would remain fresh in everyone’s mind forever. In order to make everything look absolutely unique and great in your marriage you should take care of each and small detail. For example you need to take extra care to make such invitations which are good enough to catch the fancy of all. If you think that such an invitation would cost you quite a lot, you are badly mistaken for you would not need anything luxurious to get your job done. Even an invitation in form of an image puzzle can do the job.

This type of a card would come within your budget and would also give you the chance to try a personalized design. Moreover in order to make such an invitation card you would have to follow some simple methods and have to be a little innovative. All you need to do is to make your own puzzle for your marriage invite and add some colorful pictures which would offer a personalized touch to the card. Though this type of a hand drawn card might take some time you can be sure of the fact that they would continue to exist in the minds of the people for ever. You can plan the first card, draw and design it and the hire a professional who can get the rest of the job done. This would save your time and would also ensure perfect work.

This kind of a tailor made card would be a relief from the same old traditional cards which do not look much interesting and have been tried by almost every second couple out there. Coming to the image puzzle card it should be mentioned that the images should be of both you and your partner. The card should be a celebration of your togetherness so capture special moments of your togetherness and get it framed in the card. It is always better to go for a bright looking card instead of a bland one for these cards can catch the fancy of the people in a better fashion than the dull looking cards. 

The invitation details should be written in a smooth and lucid style for lighthearted words can touch people’ heart more easily than ornate language which lacks the warmth of love. Do not forget to give your partner sufficient room to express his/ her opinion about the card since this event is special to both of you and should involve effort from both sides. So, why go for the old fashioned invitation cards when this technique has been tried since times immemorial? Go for the cards which are based on puzzles from photos for such a concept would not just make you popular amongst all but would also give you immense satisfaction of having tried something different.


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