What Are The Benefits of Using Avaya Switches in an Office Environment?

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Avaya is a global company with a track record in providing communications to businesses and enterprises of all sizes. Originally part of Lucent Technologies, it is now a private company and world-leader in the provision of networking solutions and unified communications. With data exchange and the compatibility of multiple devices now an essential part of the operation of many businesses and offices, network switches are vital in the operation of companies. In 2011 Avaya’s Ethernet switch range was updated with an additional six models.

There are a number of benefits of using Avaya switches in an office environment including:

Cutting Costs With Low Power Consumption

With energy costs a significant part of any business’ expenditure, and no end likely to increases in energy costs, power consumption has to be a consideration for any office technology. In addition, companies that seek to be environmentally responsible must also pay close attention to the energy efficiency of all of their business practices in order to minimise their carbon footprint. According to Avaya, its Stackable Chassis technology consumes significantlyless energy than comparable products. Avaya maintains that this technology can deal with three times the traffic of alternatives while using only 64% of the energy. In addition, the Energy Saver option allows for the network to be ‘dimmed’ during off-peak hours. This does not interrupt the flow of traffic, but can save an extra 25% to 40% of power. This low power consumption pays off dividends both in terms of environmental responsibility and lower costs.

Low Total Cost of Ownership

Avaya’s switches can boast a total cost of ownership that is 40% less than can be expected from competing solutions. Also, these switches use chip-sets to ‘future-proof’ the range. This is accomplished by allowing virtualisation and other capabilities such that the switches can be used for seven to ten years. Spreading the cost of ownership over such a long period not only minimises the cost of the switches over their lifespan but also minimises the costs associated with replacing switches such as downtime and installation. These savings on associated replacement costs should not be underestimated.

Customer Service and Support

As a world-leading company, Avaya offers a stable and reliable solution. Businesses can be confident that Avaya will be offering technical support and services for the life of their switches. In addition to customer support, Avaya is involved in the sponsorship of professional training and certifications in the use of its products such as switches. These programmes offer five different levels of training so that companies can choose between training their IT staff to deal with minor issues or to an expert level. These certifications and programs are ideal for office environments where speed is of the essence in solving any problems that occur. With training from Avaya, businesses can be confident that they will be getting the most out of their Avaya switches.

Integration of Data and Voice

The new Avaya switches support both data and voice and are designed to allow for the easy use of both properties with a single solution. They are capable of integrating unified communications and also offer quality of service management as well as plug-and-play of IP telephones. Integration of data and voice systems allows for better solutions as IT staff no longer have to worry about incompatibilities. In addition, a single contract and provider for both data and voice can lead to significant cost savings.

The benefits of using Avaya switches in an office environment make them a great choice for businesses of all sizes.


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