What Are The Best Quality Cisco Routers?

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As a nation we are starting to rely on the Internet more and more. Gone are the days when we could cope with a slow or unstable connection, now we demand the use of an always on connection with faster connection speeds than ever.

Often, the quality and speed of your broadband connection relies heavily on the equipment that you are using. Your broadband provider might provide the best quality Internet on the market but if you don’t have the equipment that can cope with this then you are setting yourself up for a fall. Rather than let this become a problem in the future, you should spend time researching the types of router on the market so you can be sure that you get the best set up for your needs.

One of the most recognisable names on the market when it comes to high quality internet products are Cisco, who offer a massive range of reliable Internet accessories. As with any product you buy there will be a number of versions to look out for so you could be left wondering what are the best quality Cisco routers?

A lot of this will depend on your usage, how many people use your Internet and how fast you are expecting the Internet to be – for example a business would probably have different needs than someone just wanting a router for domestic use.

If you are looking for a router just to use at home then one of the routers from their 800 series would be ideal. The features on these routers are extensive with the ability to update the operating system as you go. Even if you have a large home or family setup, this could work for you because they work for up to 10 people at a time. You have the chance to go wireless with the 800 series routers (more or less essential with today’s Internet usage) and you can make use of Firewall, IPS, VPN, VLAN, QoS and  NAC features.

If you are looking to step it up a gear and need something that is suitable for more than 10 connections at one time then you really need to invest in one of the Cisco 1800 series routers. These are all round performers with a whole host of features particularly ideal for people running a small office set up of up to 25 people.

25 connections not enough? Then it could be time to look at one of the bigger offerings from Cisco such as one of their 2800 series routers which give you the chance to use it in an office set up of up to 50 people. This series has all of the power and features behind the 1800 series with loads of other features including redundant power supply options, Gig-Ethernet ports and Network Module (NM) expansion slots

Past this you start to look at much more extensive set ups which Cisco are more than capable of but you might want to seek business advice to see what is best for you and your business. However if you are looking for a home set up or a small business choices than any of the above could be suitable for you and your needs.

Each of the series choices have their own features and benefits so you really need to look into all of the options and ensure what is best for you. That said if you are just after a reliable home Internet connection set up then you can’t go far wrong with the choices in the 800 series routers on the market today.


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