3 Steps You Can Easily Take To Combine Philanthropy Into Your Business.

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There are a few times throughout the year when people’s generous sprits come alive purely for the benefit of others. Of course, generosity is always at its peak during the holiday season. It’s fantastic to see so many companies, individuals and families getting inspired during the holidays to stop and put others needs before themselves. But what happens after the holidays? Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could keep fueling the passion to help others all year long?

I would guess that almost every business wants to be philanthropic, but I also know that there are a lot of excuses that stop businesses from taking action. In fact, I’ve made many excuses myself: It’s not in the budget; I have no extra time; I don’t know how to give; I don’t know who to give to. Here are three ways you can incorporate philanthropy into your business.

Don’t think your business has to be a Fortune 500 company to implement an effective philanthropic model. Philanthropy is the desire to improve the lives of others. This can be monetary or physical donations and other charitable actions.

First step to incorporating philanthropy into your business is by having sound business practices. Having a stable organization will make incorporating any future donation program easier. Keep track of you business and growth, this is the most important factor in philanthropic planning, with out a business platform there isn’t anything to give. Profits don’t have to skyrocket in order to begin implementing a philanthropic strategy.

The second step is to develop a strategy around giving. What concerns does your business want to address and why, what form will the philanthropy take. Will you donate services, aid in fundraising? Set a long term goal and determine how all this fits into your businesses core values. Set up a donation structure that blends in with your businesses strengths. When looking into nonprofit organizations, rate them using basic criteria that an investor would in a profitable venture. Philanthropy can be an over whelming experience. But employees can provide insight into deciding on a nonprofit organization by what issues matter to them. The key here is to start small even if its donating volunteer skills initially and then gradually commit to a monetary donation.

Finally, take action. Successful philanthropic achievements are built steadily over time. Recruit volunteers from the staff and build up an employee committee that can delegate philanthropic responsibilities. By delegating responsibilities you avoid the common, whom is supposed to be doing what, stumbling block. By getting employees involved not only will the program take shape but there will be a boost in morale.

Philanthropy is one of the most rewarding endeavors a business can embark on. Your business will not only be recognized by the community but will hopefully inspire other businesses to become philanthropist.

-hropy program will not only impact the organizations that receive the funding, but it will develop a positive lasting relationship between companies and their communities.


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