Character Assassination 2

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But how do I use it the fist of Liung Ayan, ooh …. really can not remember at all. Even the heirloom sword called the Sword of Lightning veins, do not know where he is save it. He saw his plain without a weapon, but he forgot to remember, that he had a pretty great heirloom weapons. Violet light emitted from the sword pictured briefly in memory, like once he grabbed the sword to fight Rahuto and Wijaya. Unfortunately, he was puzzled to find where he put his sword. He felt confused seven round. But he remembered, he holds a 7 Roving Swordsman.

Why can hold it? Ah, forgot! He completely forgot that the degree was earned because he could change his form seven times in each rotating motion.
But ….. spin that how? Damn! Forgot to mention!
“Rahuto ….! Was he named Suro Bodong? “
said one resident of the few people who noticed Suro Bodong pulled Rahuto and Wijaya. Rahuto replied with a shout.
“Ya. This he named Suro Bodong, which escape from the other day after the slaying Mr. Sugali! “
“Hit him …!” They shouted. “… Kill! Hang up!
Turn off him …! Turn off Suro Bodong! Cut off his head!
Unplug the nails …! Hit …. the teeth! “
“Plak, pokk … pletak …! Buk, buk, buk…! “
“Aaaaaahhh …!”

“Kanjeng,” said Wijaya. “Instead, Kanjeng soon decided to drop the kind of punishment, let the issue is not straight forward. If too much gain time, I am afraid he will look for opportunities to escape … ”

Suro himself who replied with the rest of the unsound claim makes sense, “Do not worry …. I’ll probably run away from this Duchy. Besides ….. I am weak, there are also things that must be undone. I could not run away before the completion of my problem here … “
“What problem, Suro,” asked the Duke Kanjeng Lohgawe.
“The problem of charge!” Suro said with a little firm, but still with the eyes and the faint sounds floating about. “I am accused, slandered, and then tortured …. I was accused of killing Raden Atmaja and Family Raden Mas …. who is….what did I forget her name! And …. I’ll sue if I’m proven innocent. ”

By accident, all mouth be silenced and all eyes looked at theSuro Bodong with a sense of wonder and suspicion. Mean while, Suro Bodong itself only weakly bowed, occasionally sighing with stand the pain in place of the injured. Women pinjung (Cloth that is wrapped over the shoulder is still open)

blue with still follow all the talk quietly, without any word.
“You’ve obviously guilty, Suro Bodong. There’s no way you can prove yourself innocent. Here are many witnesses who saw you perform heinous murder of my people, even against their own in-law, “said Duke. Then, he spoke to a soldier, “Call Dadapsuri and Jayeng ….!”

Duke still no sound. Presumably something to consider. Butb efore he spoke, the soldier delegates had already arrived with a man named Jayeng and Dadapsuri.

“Jayeng and Dadapsuri ….” Who’s the Duke. Both give obeisance homage. Then said the Duke “Are you all see for themselves, while at the Suro rampage Raden Mas Purwakusuma house?”

“Yes, Kanjeng(Sir) Duke,” they replied together.
“You see the person’s face?”
“We saw exactly, Kanjeng.”
“Like him?” Pointing to the Duke of Bodong Suro.
Having looked briefly Dadapsuri replied,
“Not just yet, Kanjeng. But he is the murderer! “
Suddenly Bodong Suro said, “I’ll sue you!” He pointed Dadapsuri and Jayeng with eyes gestures of a man who was drunk.
“What would you demand, the Killer!” Retorted Jayeng.
“You have accused me of doing evil. I’m not biased to accept it! Because I was not bad person, but good people. I have never come to this duchy before. You must not accuse, do you? ”

“Evidence and witnesses are there, Suro,” “No way! Give me a chance to fantasize…….! ”


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