How Probable Is It That You Can Still Grow Taller Naturally???

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There are many guidelines for people who want to grow taller naturally. But the question at hand is if you – individually – can still grow taller, too. What I mean to say is that only because it is possible for people in general to still grow taller, it doesn’t mean that you, as an individual, can do the same. That’s why, in this article, we are going to look at three things that will help you determine if you personally can still grow taller naturally. At the end of this article, you will even discover a way to determine the number of inches that you can still increase your height. But let’s take this one step at a time and first look at your genes, your age and your lifestyle.

Your Genes:

Your genes – or DNA – are determined by your ancestors. Your DNA essentially determines everything about you: i.e. your hair, your eyes, your skin and also your body size. If your parents are rather small, then chances are that you are, too. There is no way for you to change your genes. In other words, if your DNA is that of a short person, then you cannot change your DNA so that you would become a tall person. However, that’s only half of the story because your DNA actually determines your maximum body height. Right now, you may not be living at your personal maximum body height that your genes would allow you to have. As a matter of fact, hardly anyone lives at his or her personal maximum body height. That’s the reason why it is possible for people to still grow taller naturally even after the age of puberty. Hence, let’s look at your age next.

Your Age:

Obviously, a teenager is going to grow much more than an adult. The reason for that is that teenagers are still experiencing growth spurts while their bones are in the process of calcifying. So, if you are still a teenager, you can greatly enhance your growing process if you start to implement the right height gain techniques. However, even if you are an adult, you can still grow taller naturally. As we have seen above, chances are pretty high that you are not as tall as your genes would allow you to be. Why, you are wondering, are you not as tall as you could be? The answer is this: your lifestyle may be very detrimental to your height.

Your Lifestyle:

Everyone thinks that their body height is merely based on their age and genetics. However, as we’ve just seen, your lifestyle is probably influencing your body height the most. See, your limbs are stretchable and you always have a very active hormonal balance. Moreover, gravity is compressing your spinal column every day. These are all factors that can keep you from being as tall as you actually could be. To compensate these negative influences, you need to do the following things: do specific exercises on a regular basis; have a healthy diet that is beneficial to your hormonal balance; and sleep more so your body can regenerate and decompress.

You can’t do anything against your genes and your age. However, you can change your lifestyle and thus increase your height. The more beneficial your lifestyle is to your height, the likelier it is that you are going to grow taller naturally.


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