Diet Not Guarantee Slim Body

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We often hear the complaint, has strict diet by restricting carbohydrate intake and starve, but they could not lose weight. Likewise, patients with Diabetes Mellitus who have tried hard to limit the number of servings of carbohydrates that have been recommended by a doctor, but do not lower blood sugar levels. What is wrong with their diet program?

Weight loss or blood sugar regulation based solely on the amount of food, especially the amount of carbohydrate consumed is not appropriate. Assumption that any carbohydrate in the same amount would have the same effect, is erroneous.

Theoretically, each gram of carbohydrate will yield 4 kcal of energy, of any kind. In fact, not every type of carbohydrate has the digestibility of the same in the body. The presence of fiber factor, the molecular structure and the inhibitor will determine whether or not a type carbohydrates easy to digest.

Some research shows that different carbohydrates have provided the effect of increasing blood sugar and insulin response is different, although given the same amount. This is an indication that the amount of carbohydrate alone is not a strong foundation in controlling blood sugar.

In addition to the carbohydrate portion should be reduced, other important information that should also be held to prevent or control Diabetes Mellitus is the glycemic index (GI). Some studies showed that the intake of carbohydrates with high GI produce a higher resiten insulin compared with low GI carbs.

IG is not under the effect of food level (immediate effect) on blood sugar levels. Which has a high GI food will raise blood sugar levels quickly. In contrast with the low GI food will raise blood sugar slowly.

Based on its IG, food are grouped into three, namely food with low GI (less than 55), medium (between 55-70), and high (over 70). For comparison the pure, the memilikii IG = 100. Carbohydrate recognition by the IG was very important as a reference in determining the amount and type of food source of carbohydrates to maintain proper health.

I hope this article useful for you who will run the program you are aware that diet and diet programs are not always able to make you slim.


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