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How can social marketing doing  internet : The main thing is you have to active in twitter and face book or if you want any other site then that site but personally i think twitter is best. I do not want to describe about twitter or Facebook because who knows a very little about computer and internet he/she known twitter and face book.

First i want to say about twitter: you have must a account in twitter or if you have not then open account then you need to makes your follower higher then higher ( though without any kinds of ads or fake works it is very tough to normal people) but it is possible in fair way too e many site in internet who help earn money from twitter one of them is this is a twitter based advertising company this company mainly campaign for other company . They offer you in twitter status maximum 140 words how much you want? if you not be decide they can help you. When $100 deposit in there account you can withdraw your money. But remember you need many followers to get this types of works.

The other main ads company in twitter is be-a-magpie 1st you need a account open in be-a magpie then they decide they can give you ads or not follower is also main here. but some different is here there ads is you looks before they post if you want. also there are three option (01)pay per click (02)pay per view (03)pay per action if you want you can take there or you can choice any one or two. Rev.twit is another company like be-a magpie they did same kinds of works.they give you for a valid click 0.04 to 0.20 and when $ 104 deposit in your account you can withdrawn it

In other hand Facebook is not so much good like twitter in social marketing but you can earn also from here if you have bigger friend list and fan page or group then advertisement company find out you for doing job and earning money

without that there are so many social networking site whom from you can earn money.but you must have ability and working power.


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