Character Assassination 1

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“Aaauuw …!” Suro squealing, then staggered and collapsed. Flicked his head like a horse hissing.
His eyes are glazed look Wijaya, then smiled. He moved his hands, stretching to the side all in a state of standing with your knees. “Jurus Capung Terbang Jauh(The Fist of Dragon flies Fly Away), hiaaat …!”
“Buuk …!” Wijaya feet planted on the chest Suro freely. Suro coughing after bounching after back.

He grimaced in pain and his breathing became more crowded. “Apparently those who feared the people do not have any toxicity, Rahuto!” Wijaya said with a sarcastic grin. “Take him into the square, let the people who give punishment to him!”
“Hiaat …!” Rahuto waved his whip. Whip shot without sound, because it directly convolute Suro Bodong armpit. Stance is a stance used whip, whip fasterner which is named: Jurus Cambuk Kelabang Ganjen(The Fist of Whip Braid Flirty) versatility is rarely owned. Whip a rope that does not tear the skin, but twisting and makes a strong bond. Only  Rahuto and Wijaya who can do it. Therefore, Wijaya immediately flicked his whip to the left armpit Suro. Whip it was twisted and made a strong bond.

“Hey, hey … I want to do with this, huh? Want to be raped? “Suro Bodong  voice floating like people who are delirious. His head still felt dizzy, as he finished
gadung(plants such as cassava) eat and made ​​him drunk. Suro Bodong do not know if gadung giving a farmer from the village Wulung, gadung it is in toxicating. Perhaps also the farmers themselves do not know, because he also takes the gadung. However, in this case, Suro who eat out a lot gadung up. He had vomited on the way.

Suro’s body was dragged violently by the whips of both the muscular young man. Whip wrapped around both under arm Suro, Suro’s what makes the body like a monkey in the lug. Limp and lackluster. He woe-oh if legs or belly fat, but open the bulge was etched in store that towage. Sometimes the bulge was etched in stone that towage. Sometimes he even laughed himself if looking exhausted Rahu and Wijaya dragged into the square.

awesome what he said!” Grumbled Rahuto.
Wijaya Suro fiercely gripping clothes. His face looked close, while in a state of wistful eye Suro, blushing.
“Listen …! You have been a butcher in the Duchy of us! “
“Butcher? Oo, so I’ve cut the number of cows and buffalos what? “
“It’s not that you slaughter an animal, but … man!” Wijaya confirmed. “Duke Kanjeng-law, Raden Atmaja that you slit his throat with a nasty!”

“Plaaak …!” Wijaya hard face slapping Suro. Who slapped groan and desperately. Wijaya said again
“Family Raden Mas Purwakusuma you slaughter all of them!
His children, his wife, his nephew …. all of you to kill by cutting his throat! “
“Plaak …!” Wijaya slap in disgust. Suro Bodong groan again with his head jerked to the side.

His long hair was shoulder length red cloth tied increasingly disheveled, adding Suro face grim, like the face of a cold-blooded killer.
“Also some people do not know the sins you commit your way! Are you hanging and you’re torn skin in front of their family members! You’re really cruel, Suro Bodong! So cruelllllllll…! “
“Plook …” This time, a stray punch to the face and make a left eye Suro Bodong be bruised, blue jet. Suro shout vigorously in a state body bounced about to fall. But Rahuto holding whip wrapped around the armpit Suro Bodong that fall in the standing position with knees modestly.

“… Wake up!” Wijaya snapped, pulling his whip which is also wrapped around the armpit Suro. “You shall be responsible for the murder and mischief are you doing in the Duchy of us! Come on, quickly … wake up! “Moan and up! “Moan and groan Suro Bodong accompany a trip to the Duchy of Kidang Kencana. By the way half-dragged, Suro Bodong stepped unsteadily, occasionally even fell limp in pain complaints.

But the influence is still intoxicated makes Suro Bodong in a state of consciousness. Suro know if he has a few tricks that could paralyze the mainstay of the powerful and handsome young man, handsome. But he did not know how to use it. Suro Bodong also aware, that he had  Luing Ayan-1(limbs a thousand epileptic) to Luing Ayan-7, which can be transformed into a way to replace seven different times.


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