January 26 is 'holocaust Day', Murder of Jews During World War II

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The Holocaust was one aspect of German policy during the Second World War that has no justification. As per conservative estimates 6 millions Jews were murdered by the Nazi regime during the war years. A vast majority of them died in the gas chambers of the concentration camps, the most famous being Treblinka and Auschwitz in Poland. This was what Hitler had termed as the final solution.

In 2005 the UN Secretary General Ban Moon, decided that the Holocaust victims must be remembered and decided that 26 January every year will be remembered as Holocaust day. It is worth knowing that Hitler and the Nazi party by their actions executed 2/3 of the Jewish population in continental Europe. These figures are mind boggling and in the present age and time one cannot understand how this was allowed to happen.

The concentration camps were horrors in themselves. They had minimal sanitation facilities and no medical cover. The rations were meager and many inmates just starved to death.  Many were made to work at the war factories and subsisted on hope and iron will. The Nazis also carried out terrible medical experiments on the inmates. The Jew girls were also repeatedly raped impregnated and then killed without compunction. This remains one of the saddest era of German history. A society that produced Karl Marx and Immanuel Kant, went to seed. This is a fit subject for socialists to study. The Holocaust led to the direct creation of the state of Israel in 1948 by a UN Mandate. The UN general assembly by an overwhelming majority voted for the creation of a Jew state in Palestine.


 The horrors of the concentration camps came out in the Nuremberg trials where the  the first commandant of Auschwitz camp  Rudolf Hoss  revealed that nearly 3 million Jews were done to death there.  The horrors of the camps will make any right thinking individuals mind recoil with revulsion. Yet it is hard to believe that the German populace condoned these acts of the Nazi party. There was no opposition whatsoever on the camps and the murder of the Jews. This is one of the ironies of history.

It is important that we remember the victims of the Holocaust on 26 January every year and resolve that such acts will never be allowed in the years to come.


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