5 Men Lifestyle That Will Cause Them to Cheat

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If you read on the news, celebrities always have affair, cheats often and they’re not the committed type. You can look at Tiger Wood, or Kobe Bryant or anyone else in Hollywood. It’s hard for them to commit, because they have a lot of groupies but they have a different lifestyle than normal people that would not make them good at commitment so if you’re dating a celebrity, you must understand this problem. It will be hard to find one that will commit to you but there might be some sucker out there like Matt Damon.

Working with women

It’s hard for men not to flirt with women that they work with. If they don’t flirt with them, the women would go after them and more so if they get an advancement as a result of it. When there is money involved, it will be difficult for you. Women are tempting and men might not be able to say no to them. If your man works with a lot of women, you should often show up to let them know that he’s married or have a girlfriend and watch how they react in front of you, or you can call in often. If they hate you then it means that they love him. Women can be really devious, so you must watch out.


When guys have hot co-worker, it will be hard for them to not flirt and daily interaction will lead to more stuff. When they party together or see each other daily, a lot can come together so you must be careful of this problem. A lot of people often cheat with their co-worker. They work with their co-worker often more so than they work with you. They see their co-worker daily and more often than you. Angelina Jolie worked with Brad Pitt and they fell in love, and yes it could happen to anyone so don’t pull all of your savings into a joint checking account because he will be using it to take out his new girlfriend.


If your men work in a job that requires a lot of office partying or partying in general, they will be working with a lot of women, so you must watch out. It’s hard not to meet new people in this kind of environment and one thing will lead to another.

You work different shifts

If you work different shifts than your man, he might be doing things that you don’t know about when you’re not there. What if he invited people to his house when you’re not there? Anything could be possible when you’re not there.


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