8 Tips to Boost Your Attraction For Dating

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Attraction is very important in dating. If you’re really looking to date, you should boost up your attraction a bit to get more attention and more replies if it’s online. Sometimes people would not responsive to your messages if your photos look bad, even if you look good in person. They could avoid your hundreds time message if you look awful. It will depend on people, but most of them care about looks so you should put up your best photos and if you’re going out to meet people, you should look your best. If you don’t care about the way outlook, you will sure get rejected and they will not look your way. Why would they look your way when there are a hundred other people who look hotter than you? People are visual, men and women alike, so you want to fit into their vision of beauty. Everyone loves beauty. Why do people travel to Paris? Because they want those the beauty of Paris and not the ugly of it because Paris is beautiful or Hawaii is beautiful. People love the beautiful. Here are a few tips to help you look more beautiful.

Give yourself a makeover

I see people walking around having the same haircut, hair color, clothing that they had ten years ago, my mom and that’s why she’s not getting a lot of attention from my dad. It’s time to give yourself a makeover and if you don’t know how, then ask one of your fashionista friend to help you out. You can look up looks in magazines and see how people are redressing or looking in this day and age. It’s time to update yourself and do not use pagers anymore.

Change your fashion

If you’re still wearing the same old jeans for fifty years, it’s time to buy yourself some new jeans. First, it looks old and second you can’t get a date with a pair of old jeans. You need to look clean, new and classy. There are plenty at the mall, just go and grab yourself some new jeans.

Lose weight

If you’re way too overweight, it will be hard to get a date unless they’re overweight too. It seems that men are into women who are in shape and it just looks more attractive that way. Sometimes, they will forgive you if they like you but it’s best to start exercising and lose some weight. You can start out little and then lose big weight and also change your eating habits at the same time. You can try salads with meat instead of carbs every day. Carbs make you gain weight pretty fast and proteins do not maek you gain weight fast.


This is the number one way to change your looks around. You can look good and feel good with a little exercise and you will impress people. You can get some dumbbells and use it in your house and a pair of sneakers to run into in one place will do. You can stand in one place, turn up your radio and run in one place up and down for about half an hour and you will lose Wight and feel good. You don’ thane to spend tons of money going to the gym. You can do it at home, with your pets, at the park and you will lose weight and look good.

Wear makeup perfume

If you don’t wear makeup and perfume and you don’t look good like that then it’s time to wear makeup and perfume. You can look so much different and you will impress people. Makeup and perfume will change the way you look and feel about yourself. People will lke you too.

Try to dress sexy

Men love sexy women and women love sexy men. You should try to blend in some sexy pieces to impress the opposite sex, like tight jeans or tight dress or heels.

Colors it up

Colors can make you look younger and can help you stand out. People will notice you more if you dress more colorful. It will look like you’re happy and people will be happy to see you too.

Clean your teeth

There is nothing that will turn off other people more than yellow teeth and a lot of people have yellow, rotten teeth from smoking or if they’re too old. You can buy teeth whitening products and use them. It’s cheap and easy to use and you can get clean teeth in no time. You can do this monthly so you can get your best smile. If you have teeth problems, you should go out and get it fix so you can look your best.


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