9 Tips to Help Women Prevent Assault

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It’s easy for women to be an assault victim. Men that are into assault are all around you. I’ve look at my area alone and saw that there were at least one hundred sex offenders nearby and it’s an upscale neighborhood. Yes, you can be a victim. The people that you know can assault you or the people that you love with can assault you.

Don’t sit in your car by yourself

I use to do this when it’s nice out but I figure that it’s dangerous and the police can come up and questions you. They would think that you’re the getaway driver for a robbery most of the time. People can just go up with a gun and force you to drive to certain places. It’s very dangerous to sit by yourself in a car. You should get out of your car at least and go into a building as it’s safer to be indoor.

Dark night

When it’s dark out, you should not go to atm machine, or hang out by yourself around the park or anywhere else. This is when the bad guys come out.

Park close

If you work, shop, and do other things, you must park close to the building because it’s safer and you’re not walking as much so people don’t see you but there are also many people close by too. You can also be seen on building cameras which is safer for you. There were a lot of murder and robberies out at the mall in San Diego, where the suspect would wait for women to come out of shopping malls and force them into a vehicle with a gun and then ask them to drive to atms machine and pull out all of their money.

Partner up

If you’re going to walk, you should walk with a partner. This is safer and one suspect can’t attack two people at the same time, leaving you a witness and some help. You should always be with people and don’t be by yourself.

Have cell phones

It’s best to carry your cell phones at all time and put it on silent and don’t let the keyboard beeps so that when you make your 911 calls the suspect can’t hear it. Most iphones have 911 addresses from your phones so that’s even better.

Lock your doors

When you’re in your car doors, always lock it first before you drive so that people can’t come up and open it. There have been incidents where the suspect would shove the women into a car and then force her to drive.

Don’t exercise outdoor

If you exercise outdoor and you’re hot, you’re attracting a lot of men and even predators. You should keep it indoor, or at the gym.

Don’t go to bars

The bars are filled with predators who are alcoholics who go to bars to pick up a one night stand anyways.

Don’t let your date know where you live

Your dates or boyfriend or ex-husband are often the number one suspect in your life. They could cause you to end up dead. They will stalk and stir all sorts of dramas. You need to keep your location a secret. I was a victim of stalking all of my life so I know that you can be one too so be safe.


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