How to De-Stress Your Life

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At one time or another we all have stress in our lives, some of us get stressed over the slightest little thing whereas other people it takes time and builds up until they finally explode! Neither of these situations is good for us. Only by combating your stress will you be able to finally feel some kind of freedom in your life to get on with the things that matter rather than spending all of your time on the things that don’t.

Some things in life you cannot change such how many bills you have, family stress, and other responsibilities such as work or other commitments which seem to take up nearly all of your time. But what can change, is how you deal with it and this is what is important!

We begin to de-stress our lives by removing all of the tension away and brining in relaxation as our guiding tool to remain stress-free. In order to do this you need to sit down and be brutally honest with yourself about what, who and where your stress comes from. Where is all of that tension stored?  For each person the trigger is different, but stress is a universal struggle that everyone has to get through in their lives. This is when people begin to finally realize that they need to make a good solid change and begin to take charge of their thoughts, their feelings and their decisions. Take a true look at everything and learn to know your limits; only then will you be able to do the following:

  • Say “NO” – For some people they find this very hard to do, but it is something that you are going to have to learn to say.  Now this goes for your work life as well as your home life. Far too many times you will find yourself doing something that you know you wish you had said “No” to before you even began. It is for instances like this you need to learn to say “No” as it will enable you to reduce your stress levels considerably and enable you to manage the areas of your life that need the most attention.
  • Take Away – This is where you can take a good look at your life and make a decision to remove things from your life that you do not need which are causing you stress. By doing this, you will be learning to combat stress and tension that you naturally feel when doing these things. When combined with the above saying “No” this particular technique will enable you to find some “Me” time in your schedule.
  • Me Time – Now this is imperative in order for you to find relaxation time. Relaxation time is something that needs to be slipped into your current schedule so that you can de-stress. Different techniques work for different people. Find a time where you can take some time in the evening or during your lunch break, between seeing important clients or during you duties as a parent to do something for yourself.  

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