Bye Bye

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My fiance just got sentenced to 34 months in DOC. I hate this because there is nothing I can’t do for her. I Have not earned a single penny in over 6 months so It is up to her parents to put money on her books. I recently started as a Freelancer, but I haven’t been at it long enough to have gotten paid yet. Though there is money owed to me, I am going to let it stack up a little more before I have it sent to my bank account. I miss her so baddly She has already been in jail for about 5 months. And the only way to visit is on a computer screen. I believe that will all change once she goes to prison, I think I may even be able to give her a hug. 

I feel so alone without her. She is my everything, my sidekick. We used to everything together. Even just going to the corner store we would go together. It is weird not being able to support us now. We used to make so much money together with our business, but up until a few days ago I wasn’t working at all. I really enjoy writing and this freelance thing seems pretty cool. I hope keeping busy with it will make time go faster. That way my baby will come home sooner.  This can be a very difficult thing to go through. Actually it may be easier to do it on the inside rather than being the one out here. I went to go and see her two days ago and she was crying her eyes out, because she is scared that I won’t stick with her through it. But she is dead wrong. I am in love with the girl. She rocks my world. Plus she is already a third of the way done I think she only has about 22 months to go. Leave me a comment if you are going through the same thin or if you have gone through this before. Maybe you will have some advice for me or I could help you out with something.


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