A True About Diet

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There are some myths which we believe about diet. His name is just a myth, of course, the truth is still questionable. Some of them are:

A. Opinion that the calories of each food is different. For example, you consume 4000 calories by eating 1000 grams of sugar is the same with you consume 4000 calories with 444 grams of fat from enjoying the milk you drink. So do not assume that the calories from one type of food is lower than other foods.

B. The notion that low-fat foods can we eat as much as possible. Low-fat anyway, right? Low fat, but still contains a number of calories. Most low-fat foods replace the fat contained in it with sugar.

C. The myth that the rings, bracelets or other equipment worn on the body to burn fat is still questionable. Since there is no other way to burn calories than you burn by doing active physical activity.

D. Assumption that we can reduce the number of calories in a short time without the need to exercise at all is certainly not true. Reducing calories by dieting without exercise requires more time than diet combined with exercise. So we do have a lot of physical activity, such as exercise but adjust your diet if you want to get maximum results with a shorter time.

E. Passionate desire in the beginning of the diet usually cause us to reduce drastically the amount of food intake. If we used to eat rice three times a day, can occur in the early days of our diet to reduce intake of rice in total and only consume vegetables and fruit only in the hope of ideal body weight can be achieved. Which then occurs at the end of our diet, that is when our ideal body weight is achieved, our diet would be more chaotic than before the diet begins.

By knowing the myths above, you can now consider the more mature your diet plan. Diet is certainly a good thing, if you can live it with discipline and follow the exact pattern. If necessary you can consult with a nutritionist or physician to be certain that the weight reduction program taking you to good health.


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