Love As Wellness

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A couple has been married for 78 years, and is the longest married couple in the United States. What keeps them together? It must be love and more! We often block our wellness by not loving ourselves. How do we need to love ourselves in order to improve our wellness? What is love, really?

  1. Acceptance. Love is acceptance. We accept ourselves as worthy simply because we are born! We accept ourselves not as flawed humans, but as perfect with unique characteristics and learning trends.

  2. Forgiveness. Love is forgiveness. When we forgive ourselves, we remove our guilt and shame that lingers from our past. We allow the past to be just that-the past, not the present. As we release guilt and shame, a huge weight is lifted from wherever we carry them in our bodies, be it our shoulders, abdomen or foreheads, wherever. Our muscles release and relax.

  3. Appreciation. Love is appreciation. We can treasure ourselves and our bodies. Our bodies are gifts to us that are special and unique. There is no other you but you! Be all you can be!

  4. Loyalty. Love is loyalty. We don’t need to “people-please.” This means that we speak up and stand up for our bodies’ needs, wants and desires.

  5. Awareness. Love is awareness. We can “tune in” to our bodies and pay attention to what they are telling us. What do our bodies want or crave from us? Is it more rest? More sleep? Healthier food? More exercise? Relaxation? Meditation? This requires us to stop and take time our from our busy days and listen to our bodies.

  6. Expression. Love is expression. We express to our bodies that we love them. We can give ourselves a hug each morning to start the day off right. Treat our bodies to special delights that are healthy: a warm bath, a long leisurely walk, a special cream for the skin, flowers that are visually appealing, delicious healthy food, fun sports. Write yourself a love note about why you are special to yourself. Talk to your body. You can say:”I bless you, wondrous body of mine. By being more aware of what a perfect creation you are, I will avoid mistreating you.” ~Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

  7. Mindfulness. Love is mindfulness. What are our thoughts about our bodies? Do we think we are too fat, too skinny, too tall, etc? These thoughts are not love. Love says: I am just right, I am beautiful and wonderful just as I am. I am healthy and well! What we focus on we attract. If we focus on our imperfections or illness, we will get more of it. If we focus on wellness, we will be well!

  8. Time. Love is time spent together. How can we spend time with our bodies in a way that promotes wellness? We can schedule in enough sleep, preferably eight hours. We can also schedule in daily exercise (30 minutes or more), meditation, relaxation, friendships and socialization, and even love.

Like the couple who have been together for 78 years, we will be with our bodies all our lives. How we treat our bodies will make all the difference in our wellness. Just as in any relationship, the love of our bodies will overcome all blocks to wellness.


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