Amy Winehouse Has A New Habit What Is It?

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Diva Amy has changed her drug habit for a more tame one, the 25 year old Rehab singer has asked the organizers of next month’s St Lucia Festival, at which she will play a headline set for Yorkshire Tea and HP Brown Sauce!

Amy has been missing her home comforts while away and when the organizers said she could have anything Amy plumbed for the Yorkshire Tea and HP Brown Sauce  . Now as you can imagine finding Yorkshire Tea Bags and HP Brown Sauce On the Island can be very difficult and it has caused the organizers a complete headache as Yorkshire Tea isn’t the most popular beverage on the island. The organizers will have to ship it over..still Amy’s backstage bash won’t be a vicars tea party because also listed on her rider is 100 bottles of Bud Ice, four Litres of Tequila and 500 popsicles.

Amy has made it clear that three of the backstage crew must remain sober at all times. The rave will be a big thank you to every-one who has made Amy welcome on the Caribean Island.

St Lucia has been Amy’s home on and off for the last 5 months while working on her new album.

An insider told the 3am girls “Amy is at last cleaning her act up and is in a really good place at the moment, she still likes to party but , thankfully these day’s her worst vice is downing a couple of shots of Tequila.”

The gig itself should be something else as Amy was reported to be gutted that she couldn’t play at Coachella this weekend because of problems with her US visa.


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