Advice For Living And Working in Bournemouth

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Whether you’re looking to come and work in Bournemouth, or even relocate to this wonderful part of the country, you’ll probably have a few questions or would like to know a bit more information before the big move.

Bournemouth is a fantastic vibrant town, suitable for all ages, so first of all you’re making a great choice. Whether you’d like to know information on things to do, places to live, or where the best places to get a bite to eat are, here is a multitude of information that you should know about Bournemouth.

About Bournemouth

Located on the South coast of England in the idyllic county of Dorset, Bournemouth is home to some 160,000 residents. Surrounded by natural beauty, Bournemouth boasts a number of glorious beaches as well as the nearby New Forest and a number of large open spaces to unwind and relax. As a result, it is quite popular amongst tourists, especially in the summer months.  

Bournemouth Employment

With such a varied populous and topography, Bournemouth is home to a number of different job sectors. Hospitality and tourism are high on the list of jobs and careers. The many beaches and nearby attractions has paved the way for Bournemouth to become an international holiday destination so there will always be a need for this type of work.

In addition, Bournemouth is home to a number of elderly residents, therefore, there are a number of health and social care jobs thriving in the area. There are also a number of larger businesses and companies who have set up offices and head quarters in Bournemouth, ranging from the finance industry to the insurance industry. You can also find a number of marketing agencies, which is another sector booming in the area.


Something taken very seriously in Dorset, the education of your children is of paramount importance. That’s why Bournemouth is a great place to live as there are a number of excellent state and private schools in which to educate your children. On average, schools in this area achieve higher than average results, so you’ll know that your children’s education is in safe hands.

In addition, there are a number of specialist schools and colleges, with a main focus on sport, arts and creativity. This theme is followed in higher education as Bournemouth is home to some excellent universities. Bournemouth University specialises in media related courses, whilst The Arts University College focuses on arts, design and performance.

Nightlife & Entertainment

Whether you’re looking for bars and restaurants, or a good place to head out and visit of an evening, then Bournemouth does not disappoint. In terms of bars and nightclubs, there’s something to suit everyone’s tastes. The bars and clubs are spread throughout the town centre and with the two universities nearby, there’s plenty of life when the sun sets on this bustling coastal town.

For something a little more sophisticated, well Bournemouth doesn’t disappoint there either. There are over 250 restaurants to choose form, catering for all tastes and needs. Choose from the finest cuisines from all over the world including, Italian, French, Moroccan, Indian and many more. Alternatively, you could just opt for the good old traditional British fish and chips, which are very popular for any tourist or visitor.  

Attractions & Events

Bournemouth’s location means that it plays host to a number of large events and attractions throughout the year – notably the Bournemouth Air Show attracts a lot of people from near and far. The Bournemouth International Centre (BIC) attracts many top artists and performers, so be sure to keep an eye on their line up. The town centre also has the Bournemouth Balloon, giving you world class views of the surrounding scenery, as well as the Oceanarium.

For the sports fans, Bournemouth has a number of clubs and societies to join, anything from Rugby to rock climbing. For those that want to support their local team, A.F.C Bournemouth currently play in NPower League One (Correct as of January 2012); they play at the Seward Stadium to a capacity of just under 12,000. Check with the box office in advance of games for tickets.

Places to Live in Bournemouth

Due to its location, the price of houses can be particularly expensive in Bournemouth, especially in some areas. For example, nearby Sandbanks is home to some of the most expensive houses in the country. However, finding the right place to live isn’t exactly impossible either. For example, there are a number of estate agents to help people find the right place to live, whether they’re looking to rent or even to buy. Be sure to speak to a number of agents and look around various places to get an idea of where you would like to live, because the areas can differ, each suiting a different type of person.


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