Run PC Apps On Playstation 3

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The Playstation 3 had slowly recover speed in sales on recent years. It gain an immense popularity on it high quality features and the number of PS3 fans are keep on growing each year.

The PS3 design team have their own ideas and business need to create patches and updates that remove some features from PS3 console which lock PS3 to become purely for gaming proposes. The real PS3 performance is more than gaming, by clocking console itself can allow us once again play cool classic PC games and apps on PS3.

A new released Linux version – Yellow Dog capable to override the update and transform PS3 console into home PC. surprisingly, it come with emulator features that let you install Windows on your PS3 too. With installing Linux OS on PS3, it opens up new door for capabilities of your console beside gaming. It let you play music, pictures viewing, watching DVD, movies and more.

How To Play Classic PC Windows Games On Ps3

Basically, it easy task to install Linux OS on PS3, you don’t need a technical expert to do so. What you have to do is to format your PS3 hard drive and install a Linux OS to control it. However, before you start anything is good to make a backup on everything inside your console includes setting, profile informations, game files and etc. In case anything gone bad, you still can able to retrieve back those old setting.

Next, pre-work required by check on hard drive storage capacity. Make sure you have enough space to cope for datas, games and space for operating system installation. You can get an extra PS3 hard drive from local game shop or buy it online.

Installing Linux on PS3 slim mean you need to split hard drive into two, one for OS installation and another for PS3 system itself. To do this, you’ll need to remove all information from the internal hard disk. You can use a 4Gb pocket drive to back up your files.

You also need to get ready a set of USB keyboard mouse, as during Linux installation you can’t use gaming controller to set up all those configuration. Now, the main part is to get a reliable Linux Yellow Dog software that compatible for PS3.

The PS3Magic software is the best choice to get which includes clear step-by-step instructions on how to get it done without physically touch or open the console that could bring risk to void PS3 warranty. PS3Magic come together with emulator features that allow you to switch between Windows or Linux OS. You’ll have endless enjoyment once unlock PS3 console with lot of features awaiting you such as play movies, PC games and run Windowsapplications.

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