Htc Sensation Deals-All Audiophiles Are Feeling Frenzy!

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In the Beginning of 2011, HTC did something that no one ever expected them to do, and that was buying Beats electronics. This firm has always been popular for its Beats head phones, so what we should expect now? May be the Taiwanese mobile major is looking beyond just the inclusion of high-quality headphones   and looking for the expertise of this firm in improving its music listening experience. And, we would like to point out that this company is one of the most flourishing companies in recent technology history.

Should we call this mesmerizing handset a “Beats” upgrade to the Sensation? Wee no!! As the handset is more than just being a handset with a high-quality headphones, and we are talking about the fine-tuning done in the software department of the device.

The surfing experience in this handset is supported by Flash, and this is one aspect where iPhone lacks. The tension between the Cupertino-based mobile phone manufacturer and Adobe Flash is not hidden from anyone. While the browsing yields great results, the video clarity dampens our spirits. For some users, even the audio output could be disappointing. Well, do not be surprised as the over-abundance of bass hurts the level of clarity (we also observed this).

The battery life is the most crucial aspect of any device, and here the battery struggles throughout the day when we used it for a very long time. Let us inform you that we are heavy-users and need a very powerful battery. So, where’s the reason behind this menace? See, the other aspects of the mobile computing has seen an unprecedented growth rate but the battery life is given a step-mother treatment. We hope that in this handset we would have seen a great battery back-up.

We initially were of the opinion that being a music-centric smartphone, this handset will ignore other aspects that are also extremely crucial. Fortunately, we were wrong about this handset, so we have now concluded that we should not make any stereotypes about any phone so early.  For instance, the Taiwanese mobile phone manufacturer has provided a huge 4.3-inch screen, which is the proof that they are not ignoring the other crucial factors related with this smartphone. HTC Sensation deals are certain to enthrall your senses, and we can guarantee you that this handset, despite some complains, is very extraordinary.

So, should you consider purchasing this piece of technical miracle?

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